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  1. Show and tell “ALL” on the Sound Ranger as seen in Car Audio and Electronic Magazine “Myth Busters” 10 part video presentation Like Part 7 the R-134 air conditioning Amplifier cooling system
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    Examples of Sound Deadening Car Stereo Talk.com • View topic - Sound Deadening
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    This is so typical of this of this forum and other like it. Not stop negative trash talk and attacks, foul mouth vulgarity. Why dose car Audio get a bad Image and is on the decline for last few years. The unqualified, ignorant, unskilled, attack dogs with thousands and thousands of post. Setting bad examples and misinforming others with worthless and bad information. How many individuals have been discouraged, hurt or ran-off from Car Audio with this type of behavior? Come on people act like civilized adults. This behavior is so destructive and Harmful to the Care Audio Industry, Sport or Hobby. Went from posting a few pictures of an install on a Lamborghini to pages and pages of nasty talk and negative attacks. Some people can only feel better about themselves by attacking or criticizing others. It makes me crazy see this type of behavior going on and on every single day on theses forums. What exactly is intent or objective of all the over-the- top negative attacks or so-called criticisms. I’m asking about the constant day-N-day-out attacks to others that go on. Theses people are not trying to help anyone theses people are not encouraging anyone to do better or improve. These people have absolutely no respect for other or have any respect for them selves. I can stand up for myself, my work; Repetition and Accomplishment speak louder than bad words. I’m just sick and tired of seeing it happen to others with out a voice. The Build Log area a is not a competition, it dose not have scoring or rankings I simply posted some pictures of a interesting vehicle unless asked by the poster for help, guidance, options you should keep your mouth SHUT like your mother told you (if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing) I didn’t ask anyone for help on way to point the tweeters, doesn’t mean I would ask on another project but after 27+ years in Car Audio; Building, Competing, Winning, Judging, and teaching Car Audio. I went with my best judgment for this particular project (worked out well) Its been my experience that every single different vehicle type reacts very differently to speakers and placement without actual in-car testing ALL speaker placements can be questionable. There are certain condition and situations in regards to Criticisms, scoring or judging someone’s work or theory. First; I believe you should be asked. Second; you have to qualify you’re self as being capable and to what level. How valuable is a criticisms or scoring coming from an untrained or qualified source. This is one of the Biggest problems with all theses forums, where is the information, advice, criticism, options coming from. Some kid in his underwear on a computer in his room is not qualified to give out free advice or options on complex subjects that he has not actual experience or knowledge about. Every Car Audio System and Installation has numerous contributing factors. Performance, Looks, Time and Cost is only a few. The combination of all theses factors will affect the outcome of any project. Lots of information and factors are required to make logical assessment or conclusion. If someone really wants to evaluate the outcome one has to know all the information that affects the outcome. The pillar tweeters do NOT look Like S#@T they fit and look good. Yes they are covered in a different material, so-what. Maybe some one should have only asked why. Myself and others do not have the time or “need to” post all of detailed information on each and ever project. This Lamborghini was ship to me from a dealership in Miami Florida, the car arrived late Friday April 30 the car had to be sent back out on May 5, that’s FOUR days. Contrary to all the OSUMPTIONS their was a time and Cost Budget that had to be keep. All you guys that know nothing about Lamborghini’s, Upholstery or Leather are just that Unqualified to assess the situation. Do you know how long the pillars in the Mercielago are. Do you know what other pieces of the car that the pillars touch? How much of a material match is acceptable. Do you know how many grade of different leather are available, do you know color die lot codes, do you know where and how long to buy Lamborghini grade leather from ( I do and have) Do you know what it cost (I do) Do you know what it takes to sew and stitch real leather. You don’t think I went threw hundreds of upholstery samples at the supplier trying to match Italian Lather. Use your head people, think about it. Stop being the mindless attack dogs.
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    As usual, a few totally unqualified Unskilled Never built anything Keyboard Experts want to trash talk about stuff they don’t understand and only read in some magazines
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    Keyboard Experts
  6. In 1985 I had Two 30” subs in my 84 Cobra
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    Have you ever sat in a Lamborghini Murcielago ? Exactly what type of Sound Imaging do you think is possible in this cockpit?