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  1. JumpinBean23

    How does this design look

    well it's either subs back port to the side, or subs back port back. My ocd likes the clean look of port to the side, but the sound is what will win that battle. Who knows may build a couple boxes to try out. I can always use the practice!
  2. JumpinBean23

    How does this design look

    Thanks for the clarifications and help on things Boomin_tahoe and shredder2. Yesterday was a long day, and evidently my brain was mush. So I apologize for the wrong info I posted. At this point I am really just leaning towards ditching the 3rd sub. It will save me space, and simplify things. I actually have a fourth sub, I am just not willing to give up most of my trunk for it. At some point I will switch subs, so I may has well just keep it simple for now until I figure out what sound I am looking for, as I have not had enough custom sub enclosures to really figure that out.
  3. JumpinBean23

    How does this design look

    Well the problem right now is they are dual 2, sorry I thought i put that in there. So I am kind of screwed. I either have .5, .66, 1.3, or 2, depending on what sub config i go with. Originally I planned on running 4 in a different car, but i sold it so now I'm working with what I have at the moment. Anything is going to be better than nothing at this point, the lack of boom is driving me crazy! I am just looking for the best options for what i have, otherwise the wife may kill me. It is definitely not ideal just life
  4. JumpinBean23

    How does this design look

    Feel free to model it if you like, I just don't have the electrical side upgraded yet, so I'm not sure how much it will like that lol. I have not had much luck finding a H.O. alt, so a second battery may be my only option. I haven't ruled out just doing 2, I just have them so i figured i would use them. Honestly it would save space which unfortunately I need to have some left when I'm done. Maybe that is a better way to go?
  5. JumpinBean23

    How does this design look

    I do. i know the the thoughts on it, but it is what i have at the moment
  6. 2016 dart 3 x sundown sa-10s powered off Skar Skv2 1500.1 I just want to make sure I am not missing anything before I start cutting Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. Since I can't seem to get the attachment big enough the dimensions are 16h x 40w x 15d port 14.5 x 3 x 28 for 43.5 in^2 port area 3.08 cubic feet @33 after baffle and woofer displacements