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  1. alexregalgs

    2001 Mazda Tribute build

    that would explain ur trouble...
  2. alexregalgs

    2001 Mazda Tribute build

    does ur tribute have the v6 or the four cylinder???? i have the 2.3 and i was able to easily add the wire by leaning over into the engine bay
  3. cool u can cut holes in hood:veryhapp: lolz bro we gotta look at hotels for scrapin man i dont wanna take no girls to the motel 8 lol
  4. Grrr i hate being in class and bored thanks for updateing this so i had something to read
  5. alexregalgs

    Diamond Audio D612

    i have a strange feeling that your .9 cuft sealed subs boxes have something to do with why your D6s aren't loud correct me if i mis-read your sig
  6. those batteries have no prorate what so ever...3yr free thats it
  7. sorry to thread jack but... Why did u pay $15??? Our battery testing is free and those batteries have a 3yr FREE replacement warranty? ****I'm currently employed at Advance in my town
  8. i might build a box for a guy i know from school and its a basic 7cuft slot port box tuned at 35hz and i was wondering what is an average price for something this size
  9. alexregalgs

    Noob needs help

    Type Rs have huge mounting depths....like 6-7in i would choose a smaller sub and y not buy an dual amp kit so all u have to is run one power wire not two. also 10s and 12s hit the same notes no matter what...saying a 10 wont play as low as a 12 is ignorant of any true audio knowledge. now will a 10 hit that same note with as much authority as a 12 well that all depends on many variables
  10. alexregalgs

    Stock Elec. in 08 Ford F-150

    with a 65 series battery upfront and at least a 120 amp alt stock those trucks can handle atleast 1000 watts rms stock
  11. alexregalgs

    which HU is better?

    actually heard this h/u with the Bongiovi activated in a old F-250 diesel sounds very good and way cleaner then just gettin some random h/u to replace factory. I can't imagine how clean it might sound with full set of amped comps
  12. What to Look for in a Car audio battery? I really would like to know what all the reserve capacity ratings, cranking amps and ah mean, and how they technically relate for car audio purposes
  13. sorry bout tht quantom...my statement has been retracted
  14. Hey **** muscle u ever thought i might actually know Johnathan? not just a random fan boy?