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  1. shpatb

    Which is the better?

    And this guy was ready to buy some kickers... lol.
  2. shpatb

    Crescendo 3KWP Very Clean!

    I think you might of pressed post a few times or the server messed up because it's showing up three times in a row. I think that's what he meant.
  3. shpatb

    Opinion on New Systems?

    I couldn't give you honest advice since I haven't looked into headunits for a long time. I know a lot of people seem to like the 880PRS though
  4. shpatb

    Opinion on New Systems?

    You can also control the subwoofer level from most headunits also... just saying. Or get a remote gain knob.
  5. shpatb

    Opinion on New Systems?

    Higher end HU's have nice EQ's on them, I have that 4 channel I believe... I love it.
  6. If you ever feel dumb, at least you now know you never tried hooking up subwoofers through a cigarette lighter...
  7. shpatb

    LC6i Blew up

    My audio control LC6i blew up... The sub woofer RCA's came broken... and one of the small metal pieces must of touched something else and the whole thing fried... ordered a Cache version... hope this one works better... I didn't realize that Amazon wasn't an authorized dealer so Audiocontrol won't do any warranty work... *** holes.
  8. I don't play music with the car off, ever. I have heard that each battery tries to charge the other one and they drain each other. I just want to get a second battery to be safe. Don't notice any dimming but I do have HIDs.
  9. shpatb

    Back to ported.

    God it sounds so much better than sealed... soooooo much better.
  10. What causes box rise? Area of box? Sealed vs ported? How can a person calculate box rise? Right now I have two, 2 ohm subs, in compartmentalized box with about 1 cube each sealed, or other box compartmentalized with over 3 cube each ported for my subs. Just wondering what kind of ohm load my amp is actually seeing.
  11. Not sure if it's the line out converter or what, the power light stays on, never goes into protect the bass just cuts in and out... No idea what the problem could be... did this ever happen to you @Vecticus ; ?
  12. Who owns a cement mixer so I can just fill up the whole trunk with that hsit.
  13. shpatb

    Jbl 14001

    Anyone try using this amp at 1 ohm? Was planning on hooking up two subs and either 1 ohm or 4... I'd love to get the extra power.
  14. shpatb

    RE XXX vs BA SPG 555

    Just wondering how much louder 1 RE XXX 12" is, I've had BA SPG 555 in ported, sealed, 2 of them ported. I just want to know how much louder one is. Thinking of picking one up...
  15. shpatb

    JBL amp

    Paid 185 for JBL amp on saturday, seller stated he will have tracking number for me by Tuesday night, now it's Wednesday and still haven't heard back from since... getting a little worried, any ideas guys? It's only one day but I don't want to get burned on this deal. @Vecticus ; Thanks for any help...