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  1. grimreper912003

    who wins?

    AudioBahn. Theyz got flamz and shet
  2. grimreper912003

    Subs miss matched, big deal or no?

    I missed the other thread but if Im understanding you correctly, the sub that reads 5ohm's was damaged? If thats the case try pushing down on the cone while metering it. Its possible the tinsel leads are half broken or something like that. Worth a shot.
  3. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    Thats Trashed? Ha you should see some of the amps floating around.
  4. grimreper912003

    WTB/WTTF Motors...

    2 MTX 9500 Motors 2 Ma Audio HK motors
  5. grimreper912003

    BNIB Rare PPI full Art A300

    Blown Zapco's? I may be down
  6. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    Only a select few members of the forums has my number. Only because I TRUST them. And why is it any of your business what he does in his life? Facebook is his life, not yours. Last, You bragging about your money is annoying as ****. If money really is no object, eat the amp and ruin his rep if you want. If you have so much money whats $170 to you?
  7. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    Depends. The iPad may have been nice before but bad now. I used to take pics on my blackberry and they would turn out great but after time they got blurry and you could barely tell what was in the pictures from the phone being beat up.
  8. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    I think Im done now.
  9. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    Actually yes. Chocolate chip would be great. Anything is fine as long as its not that nasty oatmeal raisin ****.
  10. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    Name calling really makes your point more agreeable. Please tell me how you are involved in this at all? Im trying to ask the BUYER a question. I think your stance comes from "Oh everyone is ganging up on the new guy, I'll be different". Do you know this guy personally? Where you there when he opened the amp? If not then you are in the same position as us, and thats not knowing ****. Now unlike you im not saying who did or didnt do what, Im just trying to clear up the confusion I had in the situation. To be on the buyers side, the original owner of the amp just started a thread about PSI and turns out he hid half the information so who know what the amp looked like To be on the Sellers side, who know what happened one the buyer got the amp. Maybe he scratched it trying to mount it and arced the terminals while hooking it up with the fuse in now he doesnt want it. Who knows its all speculation. See how I did that without calling anyone names?
  11. grimreper912003

    User "rideit" is sketchy

    Do you ever get sore from riding his nuts? I do believe I asked the buyer as quite frankly I dont give a **** what your take on the situation or what knowledge you feel you have as he will have the most straightforward answers. And 5 amps in 25 years? Bull ****.