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  1. grimreper912003

    who wins?

    AudioBahn. Theyz got flamz and shet
  2. grimreper912003

    Subs miss matched, big deal or no?

    I missed the other thread but if Im understanding you correctly, the sub that reads 5ohm's was damaged? If thats the case try pushing down on the cone while metering it. Its possible the tinsel leads are half broken or something like that. Worth a shot.
  3. grimreper912003

    WTB/WTTF Motors...

    2 MTX 9500 Motors 2 Ma Audio HK motors
  4. grimreper912003

    BNIB Rare PPI full Art A300

    Blown Zapco's? I may be down
  5. Im sure you mean .85 and .65 for cubic feet. Is it sealed or ported? The best thing to do for us to tell you anything about your enclosure is get the Length width and height, as well as the port length width and height, also what size mdf its made out of. Also as far as an enclosure, Do you have a Home Depot in your area? They can make the cuts for you. They are suppose to charge for the cuts (like .25 each or something) but when ever I go there they just do it and I flip the guy a $10. Then if you can use a drill and a jig saw you will be okay.
  6. Sounds like in the back of your mind you have already decided what you want to do. This is apparent because people are trying to help you and you aren't giving them the resources they need. Help us help you.
  7. grimreper912003

    How do I show LACRX up?

    Doing it wrong. Real baller would have used a c note
  8. grimreper912003

    Audiobahn AW1008t

    Those JBL amps for sale?
  9. grimreper912003

    FS Audiopulse Revo TC9 Motor

    How tall is the TP?
  10. grimreper912003

    SQ Jensen Ftmfw

    I smell dumbassitry in here. Who cares what the name says? If its a good product so be it. I bet there are plenty of budget brand subs running in plenty loud cars.
  11. grimreper912003

    Soft and gentle...

    You forgot below window line SUV's Whats the enclosure specs? Looks sealed, just wondering what they like for space.
  12. grimreper912003

    what car should I buy? got 10,000 bucks to spend

    Let me start with this: Im a GM guy. I love GM. But any car will have problems. I have worked on cars for years. I worked on cars before I could drive. The problem is saying stay away from so and so. I bet I could go find you any one of those cars on your do not buy list then go find a GM in worse condition. For the most part any car will be nice from the factory but its the owners job to make it stay that way. As far as Im concerned when buying a used car from a mechanical aspect, you can throw the badge out the window. Now I buy Chevy's because thats just what I like, not because GM holds the holy grail. And on a side note, I was a tech at Toyota. If only you knew half the problems Toyotas have. Half of them need new water pumps by 10k. Tacoma's have frame problems, as well as a lot of Siena's needing new wiring harnesses fairly early due to faulty connections.
  13. grimreper912003

    Holy Fuqq Me In The ButtHole

    Probably not his first rodeo. Most likely is referring to the fact that someone is selling one.
  14. grimreper912003

    Anyone have this?

    Depends what you want to do. I have used cheapo scanners and they work just not as nice as my Matco Scanner. The Matco also cost over $300.