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  1. Captin Jack

    WTB blown 2-3k mono amp

    I have the same exact thing if you want 2 of them
  2. Captin Jack

    BNIB TC Sounds 5200 Custom splaudio softs

    I've got $300 shipped for it
  3. I've been tryin to buy this amp for months now no response
  4. Captin Jack

    WTB (5) Sundown ZV4 or ZV5's

    I got a 12 zv4
  5. Captin Jack

    wtb black jl audio 450/4 and 300/2

    I have a black 300/2 that's almost perfect
  6. 12" zv4 in a custom box with plexiglass?
  7. Captin Jack

    Kenwood XXV-05V Indianapolis

    Clear your inbox I'd like to buy this
  8. Captin Jack

    Rockford Prime 300x4 and Alpine MRP-F450

    Pmed you about the rf amp
  9. I sent you a pm about this
  10. Captin Jack

    GM 320A hairpin alt

    06 Tbss with a 6.0 ls2 Let me know if this fits
  11. Captin Jack

    GM 320A hairpin alt

    Still lookin to buy this if it works in my trailblazer
  12. Pm me if you still have the amp your inbox is full
  13. Captin Jack

    GM 320A hairpin alt

    Is this still for sale? Never got back to me on this