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  1. 01 S 10

    FS: Rockford Fosgate R150 prime

    whats bridged power?
  2. thanks for the offers guys. still seeing other options. lmk whats out there
  3. pm'd about the Power 250m, still considering the other ones too.
  4. 01 S 10

    F/S JL 12w0v2-4

    $50 shipped?
  5. lil too much money for me man, thanks for the offer. she doesnt need that much power either lol.. **** I dont even have a system in MY truck lmao
  6. what are the prices on the amps? i wasnt really looking for audiopipe but shoot me a price. id really like a dd1008 w/ 200-300w amp
  7. what kinda price we talkin? i dont want to upgrade the wiring, its only 4awg for both amps. might be a lil too much power
  8. i havent been on here in a longgggggg time, but i just bought my wife a car and it already has a decent kenwood wired on the speakers, I just want to add a small monoblock or 2 channel and subs. lmk what you have
  9. throw some offers guys, i may consider shipping. i just hate shipping something so expensive thats soooo small and easily lost. If you want it, lmk what you got! im ready for some bass again!
  10. yeah ive heard that a lot lol... If i were to ship it how much would u buy it for?
  11. size 7, standard size i didnt have it resized.
  12. center stone is .76CT and the remaining diamonds make up .75CT, ~1.5CT total weight
  13. ^^^ LOL sounds like a plan to me! lmk
  14. thanks man, its not worth the risk for me to ship it. i see too much bs with shipping companies. even if i insure it, i dont want to deal with it. its not leaving my hand until cash or somethin is in my other hand. if u come down to FL hit me up