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  1. https://www.woofersetc.com/c-23-subwoofers/c-179-6x9-subwoofers.html Heres some I found just by googling 6x9 subwoofers.
  2. ikpthegame

    Crimper for 0 gauge

    I bought a tool on parts exspess that works great, it's got lots of dies and has a yellow handle if you look for it.
  3. ikpthegame

    Looking for a radio pod

    I dont want a dsp in the first place, I dont have the room to mount one in my cab. Like I said I'm just gonna save up. Plus my factory radio started to have issues, like the hands free calling stopped working right, it will switch from FM to am all on it's own, and now the sound is cutting out.
  4. ikpthegame

    Looking for a radio pod

    I changed my mind, found out metra makes a replacement kit for the dash that takes over all the factory ac controls and so on, and let's you install a ddin radio. Just gotta save up for it.
  5. ikpthegame

    Looking for a radio pod

    Yeah a dsr1 is 250, I can get a good hu for under 150, just looking for a single din. I just need a pod/pocket for it and I can fab it up.
  6. So I'm sick of the factory eq curve in my 2013 ram. It's got the 8.4 touch screen so I cant just replace the radio. I'm thinking about adding a new radio in a storage area, but I'm looking for a pod that houses the radio. I know someone posted a link to one on here b4 but i cant find the post for the life of me. Let me know if you guys have any ideas.
  7. ikpthegame

    Subwoofers or midrange

    I'm sure you wouldnt need them, but I did look the kickers were made for shelby and you can get them for 150 from shelby's site I believe. Just Google kicker replacement subs and it should link you to them.
  8. ikpthegame

    Subwoofers or midrange

    Is this in a stang? If so what year? Cause I had a 06 get with the shaker 500 system and the 8"subs in the door have a enclosure in the door. Kicker made a replacement for them for saleen I think, I dont remember, you'll have to look it up. They are the only replacement sub that fits that enclosure since they have a bolt that goes in from the backside and it's a odd shape enclosure.
  9. ikpthegame

    Subwoofer Selection advice

    A wolfram 1500
  10. ikpthegame

    Subwoofer Selection advice

    I'd say do 2 10s in the fox box, that's what I run in my 2013 ram and it sounds good and gets plenty loud. I'm using 2 subs built by Corey dean, built off of sa motors.
  11. ikpthegame

    Kinda finished my install

    I'm real happy with the way it sounds, I'll do my best to get pics once finished
  12. ikpthegame

    Kinda finished my install

    So I kinda finished my install today, only thing left is to find a place to mount the amp. The original plan didn't work out. So now we gotta pull the box and rear seats out again to see if the back wall of the cab will work. I know it has vents in the wall but we will see. As for what I got, 2 10" subs built by Corey Dean using sa motors, a Wolfram 1500.1, and the box is a fox box. For now I got it all hooked up with the amp sitting in between the seats and it sounds great. Just gotta wait till me and my friend can get to work on it again, next thursday or Friday. Thanks for the help picking out the amp.
  13. ikpthegame

    Setting up a loc

    So when setting the output voltage on a loc is it ac or dc? I can't remember for the life of me.
  14. ikpthegame

    Looking for amp recommendations

    Ok question on the Wolfram amp, I'll be running it at 1ohm, how hot does it get? I might only be able to install it under my seat and the seat will be resting on top of it. Do you think it would do ok?
  15. ikpthegame

    Looking for amp recommendations

    Yeah there's no way in hell im gonna try to make a box for this truck. Under the seats are 2 storage areas, one on each side. Way beyond what I can do.