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  1. You would need a 4 channel amp. Each speaker gets wired to it's own terminal on the amp.
  2. ikpthegame

    Head unit turning volume down?

    Sounds like you have some sort of speed assisted volume. Make sure its disabled.
  3. ikpthegame

    What is it worth?

    I worked for goodwill for a couple of years. One time I found $920 in a sock. We were supposed to turn in all money, but I kept it cause no one saw it but me.
  4. ikpthegame

    2012 ford mustang shaker 500 help

    Keep in mind you will have to plug a hole in the enclosure that the sub is in, they also have a bolt in the back.
  5. ikpthegame

    RAM Install questions....

    I didnt say that lol. I dont use any, and my 10s are built off of sa motors. It slams when everything in my truck works lol.
  6. ikpthegame

    RAM Install questions....

    I dont remember what ram fourm it was, but that's what they figured it out to be. Theres no way they're getting the air space they claim without including the port
  7. ikpthegame

    RAM Install questions....

    Not enough air space. It's really only about 1cf after port displacement
  8. ikpthegame

    Subwoofer recone

    I can say Corey dean does top notch work
  9. ikpthegame

    Dsp help

    I had the lc2i before and the lower notes suffered from the crap EQ. I'm looking for something to fix that, what would you suggest?
  10. So long story short, I'm going back to the factory radio in my ram. The eq sucks for low end. Would the Dayton dsp-408 help fix the low end? Also I just need it for the sub, nothing else.
  11. ikpthegame

    Looking for Custom Sub Builder... East Coast

    I know Corey dean (SPLAudio) is in ny, hes who builds my subs. Look him up on facebook.
  12. ikpthegame

    Looking for recone service

    Could also check in with Corey dean on Facebook, hes who builds all my subs
  13. ikpthegame

    RAM Install questions....

    Wish you luck man
  14. ikpthegame

    RAM Install questions....

    The low end sucks with that radio, so much I switched to a aftermarket bezel setup and radio
  15. ikpthegame

    Fox Box

    Nope no poly fill used