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  1. acex3a

    IA and sundown banners

    banners sold
  2. acex3a

    IA and sundown banners

    i sent you a PM check your inbox
  3. acex3a

    Itouch 8gb and Ipod nano 4gb

    35 shipped on the nano obo need it gone!
  4. acex3a

    IA and sundown banners

    60 shipped on both banners!
  5. acex3a

    Itouch 8gb and Ipod nano 4gb

    itouch sold! nano still up for grabs
  6. Item(s) for Sale: 3rd gen Itouch 8gb nano 4gb Item(s) Description/Condition: Both work with no problems. they both have music on them. and i have never had a problem with any of them. has the normal wear and scratchs on the back from being put on the pocket. Price: itouch 90+ shipping Nano 30+ shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: they product will sent from 67460
  7. acex3a

    IA and sundown banners

    need these gone asap! no use for them any more OBO on everything
  8. acex3a

    IA and sundown banners

    Ill do 45 shipper to your door
  9. I got 2 banners for sale here first up i got a Sundown audio banner It says: sundown audio. When only the best will do, Demand sundown Audio, and the website. Bachground is of a sundown amp it is faded in 40$ Plus shipping Obo Incriminator banner no chrome no carbon fiber no BS period 35+shipping obo
  10. acex3a

    WTTF 6.5 comps

    u got a pm bro
  11. acex3a

    WTB: 6.5 Mids

    I got some AA mids if u be intersted. PM me if u are
  12. acex3a

    WTTF 6.5 comps

    i got some aa mids if u are intersted PM me there brand new
  13. acex3a

    WTB: Damplifier or similar

    i got a door pack of second skin if u be intersted.
  14. acex3a

    WTB mids

    i got a couple extra pairs of AA 6.5 if u want let me know
  15. acex3a

    AA comps

    yea that seems right for these. i have 4 in my car and there me best sounds mids i have ever heard. i have a couple extra in the room i just wanna get rid of.