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  1. if you wanna tune that low an keep the same box i would look into maybe a 6in aero did that to my rd alpha's an played beautifully on about 2500watts
  2. hummm trying to slip this one by us ain't you, well looks like you pulling one of them one guy moves an getting it done somewhere else lmao
  3. a 145 with a single 15 is possiable bro, i was doing it with a rd audio alpha 15 an a gp3k for 30sec in usaci's sb class last year at scrapin da coast. never new what it would do fired forward though. good luck an look forward to seeing what you get out of it i love these trunk builds.
  4. basshedz06

    2 15" RD alpha SPLv.2 subwoofers

    h o l y s h i t **** man that is supa cheap. if i had 175 bucks hell i would have got this off ya. good luck man.
  5. basshedz06

    RD Audio Alpha v3

    ain't much difference in the v3's an all others but soft parts. whatever basket you have is prolly the same basket as all others so what they have on the site is prolly what yours is gonna be. hope this helps wait lemme look at the date...................................................ok yea lol
  6. OK the 3 cubes for a 15 is easy i do it an i have that same peaky response with my rd but its for spl so i like it like that. far as tuning down to 29hz lol with 3 cubes thats not much port area really. i mean 3 cubes thats about what 30sq of porti think. if not smaller. or one long *** port which will cut down on cubic feet which will raise tuning but i don't know i am just talking off the top of the dome.
  7. basshedz06

    SDC 2.5 15 with a new style

    subs look bad *** guy love it may do something like this with my rd's when i get ready to recone them to 10's someday. don't know if i will paint the motor though gotta love that crome love lmao as far as reconing goes guys its fairly easy, just like bigbud said the only challenging part is getting the rite shims to line up the gap so no rubbing once you get that its all down hill from there. now all subs are direct lead so no soldering unless you like doing your own joints then thats some tough stuff. but each is different the aq are by far the easiste i have done myself the rd's are a bit fun but easy because i hae done quite a few of them.
  8. man that is a whole lot of port don't ya think.
  9. not if he has a motion sensor or proximety sensor on it, the one i have on mine goes off if someone bumps it hard enough. its bolted to the body of the car from the inside so it don't have to be a hard bump.
  10. in that one pic on the other page............................boobie's an subs FTMFW supadave out lmao
  11. if i did that box lol man it would blow your mind an make you bust a load in your ******* lol. i would have done that baffle itself removeable. by that i mean the baffle or counter sunk baffle would have been the one that you take off an chang ports but thats just me though lol. like the box in my aviatar. its in my trunk now i pull the counter sunk baffle an the port comes off with it. good luck with what you got going though man looks good
  12. so you can compete in a national lvl, thats what i am getting at. you said you couldn't get a recone an you wasn't gonna be able to make it to finals. if it was me i would go back, especially if the gain wasn't but a few 10ths. i know alot of time you win by those tenths but in finals case lol db's is what your gonna need. i don't know if you would be in trunk, cause your back is cut up an you have your seats out, you could put the seats in to make the run in trunk but you would be in unlimited which you would need a 55 to place i suspect that class to be close to 60 this year but i could be wrong. now if you wasn't in trunk instead in stock 600=1800 lol ohhhh man is all can say there lol but good luck to you next year bro, i was looking forward to seeing you at finals too.
  13. well i don't know how much you paid for it but prototype or not its keeping you from competiting at a national level. which is why i am wondering an asking why can't you just drop back down to the lvl 5 xl for finals an that way you can see where you at for next year at a national level. i thin k everyone should competete on that level man i did last year an i loved it, hell almost in tears cause i cna't this year.
  14. basshedz06

    My son's "Mini SPL" build.

    he was using 2 dd 3512's i think an 2 linear power 1000.1's i think cause at first he was running sonace's an rd 1000.1's got louder with the linear power an dd subs though. was only doing 178's with the rd subs
  15. one an only bro, yea i will be in shreveport if its the Lord's will. me an my buddy craig are leavin out early friday morning prolly around 10