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  1. **** those treos are ****. I miss my 2 1500s and 2 475s...awesome amps..killed pushed the windshield out of the seal in my expeditions and broke the latches on the pop out side windows with 2 ssx 15s...someone needs to jump on these..if I weren't broke and driving a reg cab I'd be all over them lol
  2. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    325 shipped for last one...
  3. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    still have a mmats left...
  4. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    one amp shipped today..thanks Supreme....
  5. GnFnRs

    Treo/jbl gti

    sorry never have... sale/ trade pending on all subs..thanks
  6. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    pm's cleaned out. i'll text ya later. just got off work .and I know it's early there
  7. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    One amp is sold... Shipping out Tuesday... One still pending
  8. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    sales pending on both amps...
  9. GnFnRs

    2 Orion 225 amps...

    got a 275 black i'll throw in for 60 bux more
  10. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    still for sale at the moment...
  11. jbl gti 15? or a treo ssx 12,22??
  12. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    good luck with sale
  13. GnFnRs

    MMATS 2000.1 x2

    loved them, had them on 2 teeo ssx 12s but got a reg cab f150 now. no room