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  1. nineballsafety8

    Box Build: The Elephant Box

    and now im in afghanistan... what the hell... i hate this job lol
  2. nineballsafety8

    looking to pick up some DC level 2 tens...

    i already thought of that... the webfilter on my government computer wont let me go to that forum, but i appreciate the answer
  3. nineballsafety8

    looking to pick up some DC level 2 tens...

    i am currently deployed to afghanistan, so contacting DC while they are open is a little less than easy. if anyone has the hookup shoot me a pm with some prices... they would be shipped to IL... Did I mention that I am planning on running 20 of them?
  4. nineballsafety8

    Box Build: The Elephant Box

    yes sir, back in the states, and livin the life, moved to colorado, but as you can see, the hdc's were too much to pass on glad u got some use out of my old ones, and thanks for the camo comment, it was a total spur of the moment idea
  5. thank u sir, coming from u, that has some meaning lol
  6. 7.98 cubes tuned at 39.4 nothin too special... but its sounds pretty darn sexy... not sure how loud yet, takin it easy on the subs til they are broken in, but when i had one of them in there in a superbass rockbox it did a 143.9 at the dash with the windows up... so im think 146 or 147, but we will see... only time will tell
  7. nineballsafety8

    Box Build: The Elephant Box

    here is the temp box i built last weekend to hold me over til i can get the beast in the truck... http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=441398
  8. here is a little project I did last weekend with a couple of buddies wanted to have something to hold me over til I finally get home to install the elephant box (built by BJ Fisher)... the build thread for it is in my signature. Wanted to do something a little different, so decided to make a camo box, not sure why, just sounded like a good idea at the time, but im pretty happy with how it turned out. Especially since it was built in a driveway with a cordless circular saw, and a cordless sawzall... not to bad i think... but it will work til i get home to install the beast. let me know what u think
  9. nineballsafety8

    frontstage amp tuning

    alright, maybe I am reading this wrong, but here is my 2 cents worth... take it for what it is... i was an installer for 4 years, and am now an electronic warfare specialist in the us army, with a degree in electronics... so PLEASE take what i have to say to heart... so far it seems there has been a fair amount of good information, however, it seems you have also gotten some BAD information (in particular whoever told you that your HERTZ could take 3/4 gain, or whatever number it was... they dont know their a$$ from a hole in the ground) let me break it down for you... the gain knob on an amplifier is NOT, I repeat NOT, a power knob for you amplifier. Your SPEAKERS dont know whether the gain on your amplifier is set at zero, or whether it is completely dimed out. the gain knob on your amplifer sets the INPUT VOLTAGE on the amplifier to match the OUTPUT voltage on the head unit (through your RCA's) to best suit the current rails on your amplifier. the only reason that your amp even has a gain knob is because some people run lower output voltage head units, and this allows the amplifier to bump up the imput voltage on the amp, to get more out of the orginal signal coming from you head unit. So... now that i have that out of the way... i think its time to (start over) as far as tuning goes at least. Now whether you decide to swap amps or not, this process will apply for both setups. First off, check your grounds... a weak ground can sometimes act as a funnel for the current supplying your amplifier. Second, turn ALL gains down on front stage amp... set high pass crossovers at 60-120 to taste (personally i set mine at about 65), bass boost ALL THE WAY DOWN. Get a DMM and set it to impedence and check your RCA's to ensure that everything is still in good working order. then set your head unit volume at about 80% The sub amp setup is relatively similar when setting the gain, the only difference is setting the low pass and SSF if you have one. I usually try to keep bass boost at a minimum on my subs too... use it to get where you need, but dont over do it... bass boost is your easy ticket to distortion land. hopefully this well help, but if you have anymore questions, hit me back and i will see what i can do.
  10. nineballsafety8

    Cone Area vs. Quality/Build

    i really hope you made an error in your decimal placement and meant 1.5 and not .15... i cant think of ANY 12's that will run in .15 cubes (not well anyway)
  11. nineballsafety8

    Box Build for nineballsafety8

    things have been a little crazy as of late, so the actual specs are quite fresh in my mind... but they are "in general" as follows roughly 8 cubs (i think, i should probably look that up LOL) tuned at 30Hz box is for 2 eD 19ov.2's if we can get IONSQL to swing by, he did the final design on the box, and for sure can give the details on volume and tuning... I just came up with the basic idea, but my initial design was a little small on the port area and we were worried about vent velocity, so Chris, if you can through in your 2 cents... go ahead
  12. nineballsafety8

    where can i get the new AA assassin 8's

    after a week of trying to find the perfect 8's for what i wanted to do, i said screw it, and am ditching the whole idea and am going to run something else... but thank you
  13. nineballsafety8

    where can i get the new AA assassin 8's

    that sucks... alright thanks