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  1. ampjunkielikeme

    Any custom mounted or "housed" amp ideas/pics?

    No need to take the circuit board out of the heatsink.. All you need to do is build a wooden box and make sure the box is bigger than the actual amp .Flip the amp upside-down. You need room for the fans to let the air circulate around the heatsink. 1 inch will do on the sides. 1-1/2" on the ends. space the bottom 1/4". use 4 wood blocks to wedge in between the sides of the amp and the inside of the cooling box so the amp wont flop around inside .
  2. pm sent for the blown one....
  3. ampjunkielikeme

    Any custom mounted or "housed" amp ideas/pics?

    This is a Lanzar opti2000d i am not finished with yet... I have 4 more capacitors to replace and cut holes for the fans, paint,etc. etc.... I had no choice but to put this amp into a cooling box. The upgraded power supply rail capacitors stick out past the bottom of the heatsink.. plus i have no way of mounting the amp being upsidedown.. The amp has had the power supply upgraded with better transistors all the capactiors inside the amp replaced.. all 27 of them. most of them are cornell dubiliers that are made in the usa... [/img] [/img]
  4. ampjunkielikeme

    Any custom mounted or "housed" amp ideas/pics?

    like this? i did this for a forum member on here a few years ago for a hifonics xx cyclops 4kw... "The flux capacitor" ..lol [/img] [/img]
  5. ampjunkielikeme

    Audio pipe ap3k repair need some help please

    sometimes you can get lucky and change out the blown parts and the amp will work.. but most of the time you have to get more in depth and find the problem. you need to know what the amp does and how it works before you can do advanced repairs. or you can just replace everything you can identify on the board blindly and hope it works again. if your amp is in protection. it still has a short somewhere . you must find it. follow the traces from the burnt parts you replaced. they lead to resistors or transistors. etc... set your meter on diode check to check for shorts. the meter will beep constantly and the meter will read a dead a dead short 0.00 . you can go on diyaudio.com . it has a car amp repair section. post your problem on there . lots of other guys on there that can help you more than me. this site will help out tons.. buy the amp repair tutorial from perry. it is worth it.. Basic Amplifier Repair
  6. ampjunkielikeme

    Audio pipe ap3k repair need some help please

    You cant just replace the burnt parts and expect it to work. There are other parts that are hooked to those burnt parts that need to be checked and replaced as well. If the power supply went poof, you will need to check all the gate resistors , gate drive transistors and the power supply controller IC chip. all those parts on your 3k are surface mounted parts and are very small and a ***** to mess with... Also, the driver card for the outputs could be shorted out . or it could have shorted output transistors that do not show obvious signs of damage. you will need a digital multimeter on diode check to find the bad parts... Have you fixed amps before? Or is this the first time?
  7. ampjunkielikeme

    WTB: Old School MTX Thunder or Blue Thunder

    Ive got a MTX pro 752 blue thunder amp... 70.00 shipped
  8. ampjunkielikeme

    Phoenix Gold MPS2500

    Thanks for doing the trade with me.. I love me some gold plated circuit boards....
  9. ampjunkielikeme

    Unrated load on o/s mtx

    These mtx 81000d's are powerfull . The first big mtx class d amp made that is similar to a 81000d , 1501d is a 1000d. it has no compression circuit and will smoke your subs. or the amp if your not careful. My mtx 1000d birthsheet says it will puts out : 1272 watts @2ohm 12.5 volts .712% total harmonic distortion 751 watts @4ohm 12.5 volts .653% THD Cool story bro...... In 1999 or 2000 (cant remember exactly). The Db Drag Races came to Nashville Tennessee. MTX had a booth setup for a contest to win a brand new MTX Thunder1000d amp. You had to hold a mtx 1000d amp out in front of you (over a laser beam that would beep if the amp dropped below it. ) it weighs around 14 pounds i think. . Well... i held that amp out in front of me for 1 hour 38 minutes. I beat out everybody (even muscle bound dudes) that tried at the show. I won it on the last day of the show. 2 hours before the show was over. lol The mtx guy had to convince me to put it down. he told me ,Nobody could possibly have a chance to hold it as long as i did. the show was over in 30 minutes. So sloowly i put it down.... and i couldn't feel my hands or raise my arms .aaahh the burn! . It was torture. took a few months to receive my amp in the mail . but it was worth it. I still have it to this day. birthsheet, box, and the invoice from mtx. I can remember those amps costing 650.00 brand new at HH Gregs.. no way i would pay 650 for 1500 watts.
  10. ampjunkielikeme

    amp addiction anybody else share

    I definitely have a amp collecting problem...I had around 275 amps in my collection at one time a few years ago. All of them got sold off to pay fines for a suspended drivers license and to get my class A CDL (which was not worth the 9 grand i had to pay) .I would rather have the amps i sold...
  11. ampjunkielikeme

    somebody buy these in dallas texas

    I would bid , but i don't have a way to ship them all at one time.
  12. ampjunkielikeme

    somebody buy these in dallas texas

    and sell me 8 of them for a really good deal....... Enersys 12HX540 Fr Replacement Battery 21x No Reserve Auction Starting $ 99 | eBay
  13. ampjunkielikeme

    BLOWN Sundown SAZ-1500Dv2