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  1. Still have everything...make me some offers!
  2. LaserRed38

    FS: Stereo Intgrity Magv3 with Folded Horn

    Interested in the box if someone takes the sub...looks like it would be perfect for my 12" RL-p...
  3. Lots of interest, no buyers. Make me some offers...worst I can say is no!
  4. LaserRed38

    Multiple SQ Subs - 4 RL-i 8s, DIYMA R12, Hertz

    Bump, Hertz still for sale. Someone make me a ridiculous offer - I just want to get rid of it!
  5. I had actually installed them as subs in the standard 6x9 openings of a 2001 Honda Accord. It was my buddy's car...he wanted a very mild SQ system with not a lot of bass. They sounded really good like this, off the 5 and 6 channels of an Audison LRx6.9...then he upgraded to my 12" Hertz sub later on (also for sale).
  6. Thanks^ - TTT - make an offer!
  7. LaserRed38

    Multiple SQ Subs - 4 RL-i 8s, DIYMA R12, Hertz

    R12s are gone... I'm keeping the RLi-8s... Bump on the Hertz - perfect SQ sub!
  8. So I double checked and it did have one of the RCA inputs replaced at some point. Not sure why - I never even noticed it when I first used it. It didn't affect usage though. The dimensions are roughly 24" x 7" x 1.5" FYI And price drop to $180 shipped!
  9. LaserRed38

    Multiple SQ Subs - 4 RL-i 8s, DIYMA R12, Hertz

    All the RLi-8s are pending to @pw91686 Price drop on the R12 to $150 shipped and the Hertz to $90 shipped.
  10. Price drop on the ID 8s and Genesis 8s to $180 shipped for each pair!
  11. Looks to be about 3.5" - they're pretty beefy. The link I posted shows 3.44"...