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  1. 5.7RAM

    Wiring a speaker

    BUMP.....anyone use these before?
  2. 5.7RAM

    Wiring a speaker

    Thats where im cornfused!! No, im on fordvschevy and a couple others....is there a mark vii forum on tccoa?
  3. 5.7RAM

    Wiring a speaker

    Yes, but on this speaker it has 2+'s and 2 -'s. So your saying just go from the top positive to the bottom positive to the HU wire?
  4. ok, so I picked up theses speakers when I bought a headunit off someone and he threw them in for free. Ive had aftermarket speakers in my car before but im not sure how to wire these. Should I wire them like a DVC sub to 4ohms or something? Im kinda stumped lol. KFC-HQ165 Those speakers are going im my 90 Lincoln Mark VII
  5. 5.7RAM

    Rear Deck?

    Has anyone ever done anything to the rear deck of a car? In my grand prix the 6x9s sit like 4" below the deck so I want them to sit on top of the rear deck. I also plan to recover it in black vinyl. Anyone ever done this before, im sure someone has....i dont think ive ever seen it though.
  6. Hmmmm, The way I had to place the speaker in there was to have it just sitting in the hole. It doesnt fit because it uses this plastic thing that holds it but I couldnt get the factory speakers out of the holder. The basket of the 6x9 is touching the rear deck so I think thats whats shorting it. I'll try fixing it tommorow and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the help guys!!
  7. So I installed some MTX 6x9s in my 95 Grand Prix and after that all the speakers would cut out. Nothing would play but the sub. The front speakers are stock and they too whent out. The sound comes back after a while, not sure whats up. i think it might be the HU because before this it seemed like it would skip when the volume was high. Any thoughts of what it could be? I have a small 4ch amp that I might toss in once I get the front speakers in and buy a distro block. Maybe then it wont happen.
  8. 5.7RAM

    speaker wire

    Are you putting a fuse between your amp and sub?
  9. 5.7RAM

    Help w/ Sub Placement in Trunk

    I have a single type arrrr in a ported box in my 95 grand prix and I have it facing into the cabin with the middle part of the seat folded down and thats how it sounds the best to me, the port is on the side of the box, not sure if that makes any difference. Also, if I close the opening into the trunk it doesnt sound as loud.
  10. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Thats one sweet ass truck? Now tell me theres a v10 under the hood to back up the viper seats/emblems.
  11. 5.7RAM

    The NEW Illinois meet: Sept. 28th

    Sounds good. Im in.
  12. 5.7RAM

    Blew my sub. need suggestions.

    try craigslist.com. I found my type r on there for $100 and picked it up 10min from my house.
  13. 5.7RAM

    IL and WI shows soon-roll call

    So the Elgin show is cancelled?
  14. What do you mean by jumper?? With some help from CA.com ive decided to throw like 8-1000wrms at the typeR so should i keep the 8awg in?