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  1. alex6999

    6.5 door + 4" dashbord speakers recommendation

    I found 2 Pioneer amps GM-D8604 FD class GM-D8704 D class with wired bass remote. Both amp look the same, but which one is better?
  2. alex6999

    6.5 door + 4" dashbord speakers recommendation

    How I can know my future amp (Pioneer 8604) not distorted? Take FLAC with 500hz sinus, play it at full power and adjust amp gain to 20 volts AC on midbass 20x20/4 =100 watts. And 16 volts at 2khz on tweeters 16x16/4=64 watts Correct?
  3. alex6999

    6.5 door + 4" dashbord speakers recommendation

    sounds intriguing, but I definitely dont like what is wrote here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tweeter#Horn_tweeter Will use my DLS tweeters. What happiness if i will install cheap marine horns outside vehicle?(and silk inside) There i need only loudness Pyramid TW28 marine $22.98 OK, start with them, thanks
  4. alex6999

    6.5 door + 4" dashbord speakers recommendation

    Jeffdachef, thank you, but your video about 8" midbass Fsx 8 - 94.5 dB Fsx65 - 92.5 dB 2 db is 1.58 times louder I better choose another brand you recommenced: PRV Audio PRV Audio 6MB200-4, 100 RMS and 93 db, $27 PRV Audio 6MB250-NDY-4 with neodymium magnet, 125 RMS and 94 db, but $45 1 db is 26% louder. So, which one to choose, regular or neodymium version? PRV Audio 6MR500-NDY-4 6-1/2" Neodymium Midrange Woofer 4 Ohm(in your signature) 250 RMS, 96db, but $100, expensive, but will be 5 times more louder(at 250 RMS) than PRV Audio 6MB200-4 ????? or something wrong with my mathematics? Anyways this speakers needs bridged amp 6MB200-4 - $54+$75(half of amp) = $129 6MB250-NDY-4 - $90+$75 = $165, 1.26 louder 6MR500-NDY-4 - $200+$150 = $350 and 5 times louder, best value? or wrong mathematics again? Tweeters, what about them?, I see, all of you using Massive CT 2 tweeters, but I have tweeters from DLS UP6 component speakers, its rated 50W RMS each and 93db, can I kill it with 100RMS amp? Actually I have factory installed 1" tweeter and 3-4" speaker in parallel, why not to same again? So I need tweeters with 4 mounting holes with exact 3" between holes to put in parallel with DLS tweeters. How pioneer will work if 2 channels 4 ohm and another 2 ohm?
  5. alex6999

    6.5 door + 4" dashbord speakers recommendation

    Thank you. But crossover resistors burned too, they are ceramic, but plastic body deformated. Clipping does not burn resistors. I have another power accoustik, it's poweracoustik pa2-1600, it larger, and rated 370rms per channel. Bad too? Ok Ok, will buy Pioneer GM-D8604, but is class D good for speakers? 2 channels for tweeters and 2 channel for mids? skar fsx8s is 8" and does not fit my doors Skar Audio Fsx65 4 6.5" is OK and $20 each. Sensitivity 92.5, not 94 as you said. It's looks little bit cheap. Anything better? Twitter, they all cheap, for example Audiopipe (ATR-4061) 300 rms, sensitivity 105, looks nice. $30 each. This looks very good. But I can only read specs... if it's true.
  6. Hi, looking for recommendation Dash unit Kenwood KMM-BT522HD Amplifier: Power Acoustik OV2-820, RMS Power @ 4 ohms 180 watts x 2 channels. I think it per channel, and i kill expensive DLS speakers with 200W RSM with this apmlifier. I dont know that is RMS per 2 speakers, It play loud, but after they burn i found that crossover plastic was melted. It was 2007 DLS UP6 2-Way 6.5' Component System $238, found paypal invoice. I bought NEW CADENCE 6.5" 300 WATT SLIM CAR COMPONENT SPEAKERS $69.95 USD and burn it I bought Audiobahn and burn it. I was very unhappy, i removed amplifier It was in 2007-2008, now, after 10+ year i wish to continue burning speakers experiments Loudness is priority. I will burn it again if it will be not load enough. Please recommend me budget setup. Bugdet!!! Burned cheap and expensive speakers smell the same Doors with 6.5 speakers Dashboard with 4" speakers and 1" tweeters. not sure about exact size Option 1: disconnect dash speakers and install 2 way components speakers into door. Budget $100 Option 1.1: I have 2 set of crossovers and tweeters from DLS and Cadence, they alive Option 2: Install 3 way, 6.5 into door, and 2 speakers in dashboard. Budget $150 I dont know what speakers will fit my dashboard Thank you. PS: I found $130 Massive Audio ZK6 (400W RMS) 6.5" ZK Series 2-Way Component Car Speakers Power Handling: Peak: 800W per set / 400W each side RMS: 400W per set / 200W each side Sensitivity: 93dB Hard to believe