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  1. dragon.breath

    Super help for a super idiot.

    First, the amplifier you have is a super cheap brand and may never sound good no matter what you do with it. Ok, here goes nothing. With the crossover switch set to low pass, the high pass knob does nothing. So you can ignore that one. Turn the bass boost all the way down and ignore it as well. That just leaves the low pass and the level. Set the low pass to around 80 hertz. ( it goes from 35hz to 300hz, so about 1/3). That just leaves you with the level ( gain ). The easiest way to tell you to do it is to set the stereo to a normal volume level. Not blasting, just a regular level. Start with the gain on the amplifier all the way down and slowly advance it till it sounds good. The listen to it at high volume and see what it sounds like. Adjust as needed till you find the happy medium.
  2. dragon.breath

    ThIs is America

    Wrong again. Once you realize that the constitution was written by a group of people who had just fought a war to gain their freedom, it becomes easier to understand. The bill of rights ( the first 10 amendments to the constitution) was written in a way to both maintain the rights of the people, and to limit the power of the government. The people who want the constitution ‘too evolve’ are the ones who want to remove the rights of the people.
  3. dragon.breath

    ThIs is America

    When the framers of the constitution talked about ‘God given rights’, they were not talking about a supreme being. It just means the rights of any free citizen.
  4. dragon.breath

    ThIs is America

    ‘Owning a weapon is not a "God" given right.’ WRONG. An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject. Which are you?
  5. It is a loose connection somewhere. Probably a loose ground under the hood. I would suggest doing “the big 3” upgrade. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically adding extra grounds and power wire under the hood too help carry the extra load of your amplifiers. Look on YouTube for a tutorial.
  6. dragon.breath

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Meca finally posted the scores. He was in MS3. MECA Events
  7. dragon.breath

    APMI-2000 running @ .5ohm? Anyone tried it

    It is going to come down to impedance rise. I know someone who ran a AP amp at .5 for about a year with no problems. Then he decided to change boxes. Amp died two days later.
  8. dragon.breath

    Weird Sub Issue

    Sounds like you have a phase problem. Reverse the wiring on one of the subs and give it a try.
  9. dragon.breath

    Compact Handgun

    I generally carry the lcp in a Sticky brand pocket holster. I do also have a leather wallet holster that I can use if I can’t fit the sticky holster.
  10. dragon.breath

    Compact Handgun

    I have a Ruger lcp that I am very pleased with. It has never had any type of failure. I had a Kahr 380 that I liked the feel of, but I could never get the gun to be reliable. ( even after sending it back to Kahr ) It would fail to feed about once every every 25 rounds at best. Certain brands of ammunition where much worse than that. I was never able to shoot a full magazine of Fiochi without a jam. It was traded to one of my buddies with full disclosure of the problem.
  11. dragon.breath

    Super Cheap Budget 10s - Help me pick from these.

    I would consider doing a isobaric pairs with the blaupunkts. Double the power handling with half the apparent box size.
  12. dragon.breath

    If I can afford it

    Do this. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vor-4fu218620l/overview/make/ford
  13. dragon.breath

    20% eBay today only

    I didn’t buy anything car audio related . But I did pick up a new set of sights for my CZ.
  14. dragon.breath

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Every Meca event I have been too, they did test metering for $5 a run. And you could put the mic anywhere you wanted. Not just Meca legal. Why not at least try the other side of the car, instead of saying it woulda, coulda, should’ve done xxx?
  15. dragon.breath

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Anyone here remember Mike Singer’s Eclipse with the Tc Sounds 18’s? (Search YouTube for it). That thing had stupid amounts of flex and broke windshields almost at will. He was doing 152’s.