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  1. treasony

    2200+rms amp

    Powerbass Xa-3000D for sale http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/486146-fs-powerbass-xa-3000d.html
  2. treasony

    Find Me An &($&in' Amp!

    Powerbass Xa-3000D amp for sale http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/486146-fs-powerbass-xa-3000d.html#post7232549
  3. treasony

    WTB: 2500RMS @ 1 ohm amp

    I have my powerbass xa-3000D amp for sale http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/486146-fs-powerbass-xa-3000d.html
  4. treasony

    In need of an amp

    It's the Kenwood Excelon KDC-X990
  5. treasony

    In need of an amp

    sent ya a PM
  6. treasony

    In need of an amp

    Its more power than needed but its always good to have more than less. I ran it on a single 18" Fi btl @ 1 ohm daily and it straight slammed in my wall setup. Here is a video of it in its early stages powered by the xa-3000D You would just have to tune the gain in properly. I have read it will do .5 ohms daily as well.
  7. treasony

    In need of an amp

    I have a powerbass xa-3000 for sale for only $300 check it out in my sig.
  8. treasony

    Recone through FI?

    (lol I knew someone was gona say "Fi has a website?") I did mine myself, Its actually pretty easy to do. Just nerve racking you might screw up. heres a decent instructional type video that shows steps on how to do it. Dont use epoxy, do it right and get some IC-2000 Ca glue and some ca glue accelerator IC-2000 Rubber Toughened CA (hlc117) Hobbylinc Glue Cyanoacrylate (Instant Glue) Go easy on the accelerator spray or it will start to look nasty.
  9. treasony

    Recone through FI?

    it's right there on the website
  10. treasony

    03 Cobra mustang build

    can't believe your doing that to such a nice looking cobra.
  11. treasony

    Fi Stickers on your car

    i live in a small town, and not many people even knew what fi was. Now they do I wouldn't risk it anymore tho. x2 toxic! TOOLBOX
  12. sold him a 18" BTL, did the ship then pay method and things worked out very smooth Great buyer
  13. treasony

    WTB: 18" Fully Loaded BTL

    http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=384557 375 shipped to your door.
  14. treasony

    Dealer Cost Car Audio???

    this it? http://www.dealercostcaraudio.com/
  15. treasony

    Fs: 1999 Gt Mustang!!!!!

    nice looking car man!