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  1. Too bad you don't have a matching 3rd.....
  2. dcmcki

    FS 30gb IPOD Video

    Sorry man its SOLD already.
  3. dcmcki

    FS 30gb IPOD Video

    I believe it is the 5th generation.
  4. dcmcki

    FS 30gb IPOD Video

    Lemme know.
  5. 2 DD M4's or one DD Z2lv. DD FTW.
  6. 4 Sundown 3000's for reliability alone.
  7. No Maryland. I have had several dealings with him and received lots of info. He apparently just had a baby so he may not be real fast on response, but I'm sure he will asap. He is one of if not THE best Street A guys around.
  8. Daniel, Try hitting up Loudman.....He is a street a guy so he always has 10's and usually only DD. He may only have F's and Z's but you can ask. Ray is a great guy as well. Tell him I said hey.
  9. dcmcki

    FS 30gb IPOD Video

    What is it gonna take?
  10. dcmcki

    FS 30gb IPOD Video

    $90....tired of looking at it.