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  1. skateboardkid

    TRULY low bass songs. I'm talkin 20-no more than 35 hz.

    https://soundcloud.com/grumblex/grumblex-rumble serious wycelf gone till november Wyclef Jean - Gone Till November - YouTube why no one mentions this is beyond me... Celph Titled ft Oktober - So Cold
  2. skateboardkid

    Loud and low 12"s

    Or a HDC3 that would laugh at the LVL 4 and cost the same. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=439057 these are 1750 RMS YOU need to up your budget to 400 a sub to get subs that can actually take 3.5K daily Used SoloX would take that kind of power all day.
  3. skateboardkid

    HeLp Me dO iT RiGhT ThIs tImE!

    STEREO INTEGRITY pwns Fosgate
  4. skateboardkid

    4-12" L7 Enclosure??

    Just make sure you brace it it with 2x4 or dowels or threaded rod. If they are gonna be underpowered you can up the box size a little to increase efficiency. Other wise go nutz!
  5. skateboardkid

    What do i feed an DC LVL 4 XL

    the AQ2200D is 350 so you can get another battery IMO
  6. skateboardkid

    Hmm 4 12"s or 8 8"s............

    try tuning your box lower, or higher depending on what you want , it would be cool to see that many 8" jumping around though.
  7. skateboardkid

    best spl 12

    nasty as in sounds like a huge wet farrrt, seriously
  8. skateboardkid

    2 Amps Running 1 Sub w/ 2 Voice Coils

    the AQ 3500 SAE 3000D can be strapped as well. two 2200's is under 700 right now thats assloads of power, probably take another 400 in batteries and wire to run it though, with HO alt even more
  9. skateboardkid

    Sub that have sq in 1.0 box

    Stereo Integrity Mag v4 on 500 watts in 1 cube will have great SQ. there are plenty more but thats a good one.
  10. skateboardkid

    Sub recomendation for Heavy Metal

    Find some stereo integrity mags v4 and throw them in recommended sealed enclosure on 500rms a piece Image dynamics ID or IDQ, even a MAX if you can find one. The ID are like 300 rms and sound killer. Fi Q in a 12" in sealed with 1k. PG RSDC 10" subs on a 600 watt amp you can find for 200 a pair all day on ebay.
  11. skateboardkid

    Should i do it sealed or ported.

    PORTED you can tune it super low if that's what you want, other wise ported at 50 Hz should rip your head off on higher bass.
  12. skateboardkid

    Can I Hit 150+ DB's

    You would be better off with type R or L7 and that amount of power, if you could do a 2200 per sub and a box bigger than 3 cubic feet it would be a lot easier.
  13. skateboardkid

    2 Boston G5 : not loud enough

    the AQ220o is only 349 try that for power.
  14. skateboardkid

    PG Tantrum 1200.1 for a JL 12w7-3?

    the tantrum does like 1400 rms doesn't it? should be able to bottom out the sub with that much power, the 8w7 could only take like 3/4 volume with a PG tantrum on it, An alpine type X also sounds really good on 1k+ NO need to replace HU that's why you have a gain on your amps - and 2 volts is enough. ANd those diamonds might sound better or have more output the W7 is a great woofer but it "might" not replace two decent 10"s like the D6
  15. skateboardkid

    Best set up for screamo/punk rock music?

    Here is my suggestion, any 10" sub that is ok is gonna work for you in a sealed enclosure like ID10 V4 or an IDQ10 that image dynamics for the lesser educated., you want to spend like 200-250 on a set of separates for your front stage and run 150- 200 watts rms per side to these, deaden the f-ck out of your doors and you should be more than happy. Oh wait here is what you want a AQ2200 rms amp on two AQ HD310" subs in a ported box tuned to 40- that should kick your hat off at the right volume.