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  1. 97gp

    Question regarding what to buy + BestBuy

    Nails dont screw in
  2. 97gp

    Bass track thread!

    Someone should makes some newer bass mixtapes and upload them like someone did awhile ago.
  3. 97gp

    Thinking about going with 3-4 8" HT subs.

    Trying to keep the enclosure somewhat small so I am going use an aeroport, what do you think 3",4",5"??????????
  4. 97gp

    Thinking about going with 3-4 8" HT subs.

    Wow, that almost helped me.
  5. 97gp

    Thinking about going with 3-4 8" HT subs.

    Quick question I am going to be using a 12" FIQ in my room for music not HT and it will be on 500 watts from a dayton plate amp. Is tuning the same as it would be in a car or would you want to tune higher. I was thinking 2.2ft tuned to 38, and yes I did just jack your thread
  6. Just take the compliment and be happy.
  7. Its true the whole projector thing was just an elaborate troll
  8. 97gp

    why dont subwoofers....

    Then you do it faggot.
  9. 97gp

    6.5 bang for buck

    I accidentally whole front stage?
  10. Don't worry about it, free bump for joo
  11. 97gp

    Hannah's DC Bass Racer

    I'd hit it, got any noodz? Edit: Tint those back windows
  12. 97gp

    Attn: All Users

    Fuck off fagget