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  1. Impressive how you managed to keep organized
  2. WOT

    Cutsom altenators really efficient cheap.

    I dont trust this at all
  3. Pull the alt and test it today???
  4. WOT

    just a few toys ;)

    Looks like your building a deck inside your car lol Vids look good though, I dont think youre peak is @ 35hz like you think it is though
  5. WOT

    could it happen

    Id say no. Youd have to cut almost youre entire rear deck to get any real space at all, and youd still have very little depth for any sort of port Not worth the trouble, but yes it probly COULD be completed
  6. Why would you not be a fan of kicker? they make a quality product with crazy good customer service, the L7's on 1000rms a piece SLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAM, give it a good ammount of port and those 2 subs and that amp would make a mean combo Do it
  7. Youve obviously never built an enclosure, thats less than a 1/4" cured Ive done 2 fiberglass builds, one on 1000rms, one on 3000. The only thing I can suggest, is to use MDF on the large flats and fiberglass the smaller flats and curves. I used 18oz woven mat, and **** does it build up fast, its not very expensive either Fair warning though: shit stinks for a solid 10 days after install
  8. Six 12" = 678.19 Four 15" = 706.86 VERY little loss
  9. Hope he aint expecting much from 6X9's Front stage looks pretty set though
  10. What was the resolution on the D9's?? They going to be repaired or do you have to pick up brand new ones?
  11. WOT

    Thors 09 Build Log

    That frankenwoofer has got to be hurting your scores Nice job though, very impressive
  12. WOT

    well i did it...SPL romm build pics

    Shit someone actually listened to me? I HAZ POWERZ