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  1. Do you do installations on the side?? I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited Im looking to put a system in ASAP. I live in Washington Twp. not too far from Winslow. Thx.

  2. maybe not as it sits but im certain for under 100 bucks I could get it in the 12s, might not be reliable after lol. Point is dont underestimate the potential. I think its hideous but love the drivetrain.
  3. I bet this car the way it sits is capable of 12's, your tbird, not so much...
  4. speedfreak28

    WTB Sub amp

    250 on a mint ID 1200.1? no interest?
  5. speedfreak28

    WTB Sub amp

  6. speedfreak28

    FS: Ipod Touch 32gb

    ill add 20, u cant find a new V3 idq for less
  7. speedfreak28

    FS: Ipod Touch 32gb

    which gen is it?
  8. speedfreak28

    FS: Ipod Touch 32gb

    trade for idq
  9. speedfreak28

    Q power is better than sundown Nightshade

    Doesnt best buy sell pioneer and alpine? They also use to sell crunch when the product was still decent
  10. speedfreak28

    Re-post: 3-way component suggestions

    or buy these and spend the difference on a proper install Esotec System 342 - Dynaudio 7" 3 Way Component Speakers
  11. speedfreak28

    Re-post: 3-way component suggestions

    if you can afford the 1800 for the krx 3 way id get yourself a nice 2 channel a/b amp to go with them
  12. speedfreak28


    Thing is you posted this on a public forum and expect not to get critcized. I dont think they look that bad but Ive seen your other work, I know you can do better. Im guessing it was budget limitations or customer preference that brought the install to this point. Why not state your reasoning for not glassing the entire A-pillar instead of getting bent out of shape.
  13. Id leave them black, itll flow better with the tone tone since the bottom is black.
  14. I have one but I need more than 3500 for it :/ Its an 02 xtreme extended cab stepside with only 25k miles on it