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  1. oldschool4me

    Where the cheap mono

    if looks don't matter I have an os rf punch power 1000bd. $120 shipped. bit rough physically but works.
  2. oldschool4me

    Budget 2 or 4 channel (small)

    ppi Sedona apa 200ix. $85 shipped. 100x2@4 @12v.
  3. oldschool4me

    Well recorded rap albums?

    here is the cd burner I have and its awesome. has analog and digital controls. im sure you can find it for a good price. don't mind the suggested price on the page. I didn't even pay that when It was released many years ago. think I paid 350. its about 10 yrs old. and a decent record player will run ya about 80-200. and yes they make records. I have many hip hop records such as tupac all eyes on me, dr dre the chronic and some others along with over 100 promo 33" singles. as for a record player do some searching on ebay etc and you can find a decent one or craigslist etc. PDR-609 - CD-Recorder | Pioneer Electronics USA and heres a link to a newer record. Ross Rick God Forgives I Don'T Explicit Version Vinyl New | eBay
  4. oldschool4me

    Well recorded rap albums?

    also if you have a record player and analog cd burner on your home stereo you could make your own. record is best sq of all.
  5. oldschool4me

    Well recorded rap albums?

    I think the old cd's were better sound imo. maybe they were recorded using analog. I should add not all old ones but generally speaking.
  6. oldschool4me

    WTB cheap 80x2 @ 2 ohm amp

    soundstream pca 2.260 $55 shipped. will leave you much overhead. 80x2@4 and 130x2@2.
  7. oldschool4me

    WTB 800x1@2ohms

    $140 shipped.
  8. oldschool4me

    WTB 800x1@2ohms

    its rough looking and needs one allen screw for power term but works. rf power 1000bd.
  9. oldschool4me

    30 in my Paypal who got me?

    soundstream pca 2.260 $50 shipped.
  10. oldschool4me

    WTB: Old school amps

    ppi a200, ppi pc2300.2, bnib ppi dcx 500.1, mtx thunder 304
  11. oldschool4me

    W.T.B mono

    got a rough rf punch power 1000bd. $150 shipped.
  12. oldschool4me

    Wtb cheap monoblock amp

    jbl bp600.1 $95 shipped.
  13. oldschool4me

    Art diamond d3 600.1 for us amps

    got any pics of the amp bud? your somewhat local btw. well lil over an hour I would say.
  14. oldschool4me

    WTB cheap 15

    15" inch Audio Technix Dual 4 Ohm D4 Strato 400W RMS 800W Max Sub Subwoofer | eBay E 15D2 Sundown Audio 15" Sub Dual 2 Ohm E Series 800 w Bass Subwoofer E15D2 New | eBay Alpine SWS 15D2 Car Ausio 15" DVC Dual 2 Ohm Type s Subwoofer Sub Woofer SWS15D2 | eBay New Lanzar MAX15D 15" 1200W Car Audio Subwoofer Sub 1200 Watt 068888710794 | eBay New American Bass DX154 15" Subwoofer 1000 Watt Max | eBay