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  1. Jeremy M

    Alpine Headunit

    i have a 9887 with an ipod4 cable, remote, trim piece, and cage for $150 CONUS
  2. Jeremy M

    Boston Acoustic Pro 6.5-3

    how much of the mounting hardware do you have?
  3. Jeremy M

    Trunk Space!

    what kinda trunk? dodge neon?
  4. if u ever decide u might want to ship this thing, pm me
  5. Jeremy M

    Strong 15 inch sub

    RD Alpha d2 15" with upgraded parts...pretty much an AlphaMax
  6. Jeremy M


    put image dynamic XS69 upfront and cheap coax in back. put 200+rms to ID xs69's PROFIT.
  7. do the xovers protect the speakers from over powering?
  8. i'd focus more right now on front stage if i were u. a properly setup front stage will never make u feel like your missing rear fill. and get a bigger 4 channel if it was me, or find a beastly 2 channel to just run some good mids off of.
  9. Jeremy M

    Mid 140's with type r's??

    i was able to do 144 playing Late night tip, out of my neon trunk on 2 type R's....on a hifonics bxi2006d. If i were to put subs forward and port forward and sealed it off, i bet i could of gotten more.
  10. Jeremy M

    FS Bnib Sundown SAX-125.2

    my bad, ur picture was a red X ....i thought i responded.