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  1. lil_italy773

    Bumpin Buicks NW build

    no shit!! love to get to use one of those
  2. lil_italy773

    SAZ3500 problem need help asap.....

    thats what ive been saying everyone is just talkin how good the batt is. we all know there is sumthing not right with voltage, if its not wiring then there is the batts to look at.
  3. lil_italy773

    SAZ3500 problem need help asap.....

    thats yer opinion about that batt there is ppl that swear by kinetics or stinger i never said anything about the batt. im talking bout the 650+ amps hes pulling. if his volts drop that fast that low its not workin very good is it. still way to much current draw.
  4. lil_italy773

    SAZ3500 problem need help asap.....

    sundown must be tough equipment for those power supplys or fets havnt burnt up with such low voltage. way to much current draw for that little of AH even for street C
  5. im running dual 220 amp alts with a MLA module 15.4v for 5k rms and gonna do 4 100AH batts. glad i have a amp that takes 4/0 straight up all those runs of 0 awg is fucked up. anyone want to buy a 250amp H/O alt that benched 271 amps its a DB Electrical mega charger series . only used for a month total. $230 shipped.
  6. lil_italy773

    What was your worst car audio mistake ...

    i bought a pyle blue wave 18" sub 1800w peak (LMFAO!) on a kicker kx600.1 and blew the coils. i thought pyle was good i had no idea in 98.
  7. lil_italy773

    Blew my brand new MA sub again within 2 months.

    i never used the ssf in a sealed box or my last box that was tuned to 28Hz and played lower tones. 146.7@25Hz 140.1@20Hz 4 L7 15s never bottomed out.
  8. lil_italy773

    Blew my brand new MA sub again within 2 months.

    should have just waited and got the resonant engineering or the alpines. instead of going cheap till u got what u wanted. sumtimes waiting will be better in the end as i found out b4.
  9. series the 2 when u wire them so each chan will be ran on 2 ohms. thats assuming the coax are 4 ohms each. thats all i did with my SS trc.6ns running 2 comps on 1 chan
  10. lil_italy773

    Maxxsonics 3x Free Food

    GO BANANA:cool:
  11. lil_italy773

    good at picking out songs by their bassline?

    yea hes on FLSPL. we talk as he did that wall he worked on for a long while straight. hes over from yer area isnt he chuck
  12. lil_italy773

    weird voltage drop...

    does the tined copper have anything to do with adding resistance to the wire. im using all copper 3/0 flex phrine welding wire and dont have any voltage drops.
  13. lil_italy773

    WTB 4x6 speakers

    SOUNDSTREAM XTS4.6 4X6" i have them hooked up to 106w RMS and they will take 125w RMS, there on fleabay for $32 shipped. they dont sound tinny or harsh sounding while amplified.
  14. talk to HoeOn24z he wanted to buy my SS xxx-6500, but i decided not to sell it.
  15. lil_italy773

    W7 excursion pic

    my kicker solo x 18 has been doing that for years, and will smoke JL with there lame sensitivity ratings:rolleyes: