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  1. outspoken

    low hitting songs

    too many by kool kieth to name, dr. octagon, analog brothers, and hail mary, by tupac... plus many many others in many many other threads right here on ca.com where the search button seems to elude many of our users...
  2. outspoken

    Will this Amp Kit...

    as long as it has a fuse for the inline fuse holder, yes...
  3. bj fisher built this for my old suv... worked great and looked great too, wont fit in my new car though... http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=296492&highlight=build+outspoken
  4. outspoken

    Best Bass Song????

    dr. octagon, kool kieth or the analog brothers... almost anything you hear from them beat wise will be made by kool kieth, it slams...
  5. outspoken

    system on auto insurance???

    try callimg the insurance company and explaining that, maybe they can work with you... i had the same problem with the rims on my car, but they were still able to cover them, the dealer i bought the car from helped verify that with the insurance company though...
  6. outspoken

    system on auto insurance???

    from what the rep told me paypal money trasfers can be used as long as it specifies what the purchase was for, he may of been telling false truths though... underwriters are pretty sneaky...
  7. outspoken

    system on auto insurance???

    i saved a bunch of money... i switched to geico...
  8. outspoken

    system on auto insurance???

    gave them a rough estimate of actual purchase value based on the reciepts that i have... they will not honor any payout if you have no proof of purchase (as far as i know, had friends, but never personally filed a claim...) they will pay out the lowest depreciated value of your gear that they can, at least from what i've seen... just remember that at least with my provider they wont give jack without reciepts... edit... i claimed a little over 2000 and it was an extra 12 dollars a month or something...
  9. outspoken

    damplifier pro

    never used damplifier pro, but iirc most deadeners should be installed at a higher temp than 30-40 degrees... also ive noticed it gets stiff and harder to work with at lower temps...
  10. outspoken

    Tips/ Tricks for sound proofing

    my bad, responded to the wrongly quoted quote...
  11. outspoken

    Tips/ Tricks for sound proofing

    on my ride the dynamat definately helped, but the build quality of the doors and overall car was surprisingly good so i don't have a ton of rattles... the trunk was another story. i used towels and paper towels if i could get them to stay to separate surfaces, and will be going back later with some expanding foam as well (this is for metal to metal) as far as plastic surfaces i just put anything to make a spacer so the two don't touch, but on the plastic panels that can be tricky to do if the xmas tree plastic fittings that keep the panel on aren't holding... it's mostly been trial and error... rattles suck...
  12. outspoken

    Tips/ Tricks for sound proofing

    i ususally just stuff paper towels behind whatever is rattling, as long as it wont get wet. pretty much anything to prevent the two surfaces from touching during vibration...
  13. outspoken

    shoot me some ideas on some songs to slow down

    2 i've been wanting to hear are c.r.e.a.m. and can it be all so simple from wu tang, enter the 36 chambers... they're allready kinda slow so idk if it'll sound good or not...
  14. outspoken

    where do yall DL music from?

    demonoid... but you'll need an invite
  15. outspoken

    Outspoken's build log

    agreed, we wrapped the crap out of it with electrical tape