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  1. NissanKicker

    Re: Sub Decisions for Setup!!! Need Opinions...

    Lol... ... I want the sound to be legit coming from the trunk ( no hood tricks ) Soo..... Anymore suggestions??
  2. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

  3. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

    Aint no telling what the rating is at 6ohm... Ima guess somewhere in the 800 - 1200 range
  4. NissanKicker

    Re: Sub Decisions for Setup!!! Need Opinions...

    I've heard 2 xfl 15s ported... They were amazingly LOUD... But they didn't impress me with the extra low notes like the American Bass 12 xfls... The 15s just gave u a headache out this world.. Lol .... Hmm.. Well I have a budget of $450 to $1000 - and thanks!!! Now rememeber, I'm not tryna be the loudest car there... This is just how much noise can I get my trunk to make. ... Im guessing the theory I'm using is: more mass movement towards the trunk lid = more ratchet.
  5. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

    The 2 ported is a great idea.. And for sound quality or SQL should I say ( since that is what JBL acoustics is known for ) ... Don't tune over 35hz and no lower than 32hz. BUT, there is a problem with going just 2 of these subs and that amp... ... U can only wire (2) 6ohm dvc subs to 1.5 ohm or 6ohm. That amp is 2ohm minimal ( technically with amp rise, box rise, and the warming up of the voice coils - it MAY eventually give u a 2ohm rating or very close ( something crazy like 1.8ohm ) but I would wanna risk the amp having to be stressed playing before those instances happen.. .... Running at 4ohm, u'll be good & the amp with be running efficiently which = less stress and normal operation warmth. Now u will be about: 360 watts under power... BUT, adding a 7volt eq and/or crossover with take that slack up & provide extra to play with.
  6. NissanKicker

    Re: Sub Decisions for Setup!!! Need Opinions...

    And to answer the question about why I'm going sealed... ... Only because I'm going old school. Plus the number of subs and limited space that I'm going and have... Im forced to do sealed... ... I'm tryna stop from going the tipicle setup.. ( 2 12s/15s ported )
  7. NissanKicker

    Re: Sub Decisions for Setup!!! Need Opinions...

    Yeah... The MOFOs are the color of my car... I thought about them... I just don't know how they sound sealed... I've had 2 sets of mofos... 15s and 12s... Both ported, both did the job... .... I was looking for more than a " ummm... " sir!!! And I seriously doubt I can go 2 18s ported in that cutlass... Properly that is... .... Now I did do an experimental calculation on 2 18s ported with the specs provided... It was like 8cuft. Tuned @32hz using (3) 4" x 7.25" aero ports...
  8. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

    1 chamber... ... And its alright... Everyone starts somewhere
  9. NissanKicker

    Re: Sub Decisions for Setup!!! Need Opinions...

    No opinions or expertise.....
  10. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

    That's what I'd do if I were in ur shoes.
  11. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

    Yes sir...
  12. NissanKicker

    budget challenge

    A pair of Kicker CVR 12s... ( eBay - $159.99 ) ... Crunch PZone.1000 ( eBay - $89.. ) Dual ported box.. The rest of ur funds... Lol
  13. NissanKicker

    getting this setup finished

    My opinion... ( based on me working with these subs before ) .... 3 subs... Facing the cabin... Sealed... * press the box as far to the rear seats as possible * ... And make sure it stays there - even if u have to extend the top, bottom, and sides of the enclosure, u'll enjoy it.
  14. Hey, im really not going for the deepest bass nor any sound quality... Just looking to make the LOUDEST ratchet in my trunk... This is a STREET POUNDER build... If pressure comes, it comes - but cutlass's body style ( G-Body ) are known to THROW bass. I have an 1983 Cutlass Supreme T-Top... I'm tryna decide between the following: #1 : (8) 12" Pioneer TS-W304Rs ( $49.99 each ) #2 : (4) 15" Power Acoustik P3-15Ws ( $300 for all 4 ) #3 : (2) 18" AudioQue HDC3s ( $450 to both ) .... ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE IN A SEALED ENCLOSURE I have 63"Wide x 15.75"High x 20"Deep to that I can squeeze in there... ... Maybe 64" wide... But I know not any higher or deeper. My amp options are: #1 : Hifonics HFI3000.1D #2 : AudioPipe 3000D .... Its not just gonna be all amp power, i have a clarion EQ-746 & Clarion MCD360 to help with hertz... I'm looking for helpful & useful advice on the project that's at hand... Not bashing the chooses of subs... If u know of other brands the same price, that will work better, tell me!!!
  15. NissanKicker

    Hifonics Brutus 2100.1D $180 Shipped

    Still for sell??