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  1. 528hz

    Mercedes E350 6th Order

    Really like your setup...glad you got it to work well. I wish I could have tried that out when I had a trunk car. Would love to see a video.
  2. Thanks for the tip, WD. I was actually trying to PM you...I’ll report” it now
  3. 528hz

    Sundown Surprise me, did I do aight!!??

    For $60 you did really well! Is it an SA?
  4. Since the only moderator on the forum right now cannot accept PM's how can I go about moving a thread or would a moderator PM me, please?
  5. Item(s) for Sale: Phoenix Gold Bass Cube NIB Item(s) Description/Condition: This is it folks! A brand new, in the factory box, Phoenix Gold Bass Cube in titanium. If you are looking for this amazing piece of technology, you know exactly what it does. You also know that they are very rare to find even used now'a days. What the Bass Cube does (for any of you that may be misconstrued or misunderstand) is it allows you to amplify the given bass frequencies in a track or song that you are listening to based how wide or narrow you want the bandwidth to be "boosted." The Bass Cube is not an Epicenter...far from it. An Epicenter takes the existing bass frequencies in a given song and lowers it making it sound lower (i.e. taking a 50hz bass note and making it sound like a 30hz note). The Bass Cube is sort of like a line driver but is adjustable by centering a frequency in a song and increasing the input of the signal (voltage/wattage) and making that frequency louder. If you are completely new to the Bass Cube, I HIGHLY suggest reading "The Bass Cube Secrets" manual. You can still find it on the web. Search YouTube as well for videos and reviews. This thing is worth every penny! I have owned 3 of them over life in car audio, and it is hands down one the most effective items you can add to a bass head's setup. Price: $300.00 SHIPPED. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures:
  6. 528hz

    Hair trick

    That is true by that formula...but why is it that...say for instance you are running a "sufficient" electrical setup for a 2000 watt setup. Why is that you typically see your lights dim more or voltage drop more at higher frequencies? Does ohms law get thrown for a loop when you also must take into consideration impedance rise? I mean we all know heat is a primary cause for impedance rise, but the dynamics of the box itself had to play a roll too I assume... Ohms law is only applied to a consistent, constant?
  7. 528hz

    Hair trick

    Higher frequencies have a higher current draw.
  8. 528hz

    Wtb: Rf 1500bdcp

    Sorry buddy...really set on a 1500bdcp. No one has one?
  9. 528hz

    Blown CT Sounds 25001.1D

    Do have pics? Of the inside of the board too.
  10. 528hz

    2 12's Vs 4 12's

    An increase in cone area is going to net a louder setup. Just how loud, who knows. But you will have more output with 4 12s vs 2 12s given your situation.
  11. I would do the same OP...screw businesses that want to get all jive *** with their customers for absolutely no reason. Their response was not diplomatic at all. Unfortunately, you tend to get a lot of attitude in the CA industry.
  12. 528hz

    Smallest 2.5-3K amp

    That's what I figured. I knew tha fans were still there, I just didn't know if they had gotten any quieter. In a trunk car, as I had them, you could not really hear the fans. However in a pickup, as this is my application, would be annoying if I'm not cancelling it out with bass volume. I may just have to end up running two 1500BDCP's if I can't manage to fit a single 3k. All of the korean amps are pretty much the same size, right?
  13. 528hz

    Smallest 2.5-3K amp

    I have never heard of PRV...that 3500 is tiny! I forgot about Sound Digital...positive things I heard about them back in the days as well. I use to run a couple (one at a time) Stetsom 4k2d's years ago. I never had one issue with them. Loved those amps...the only negative about them was the really loud fan. Almost 120db just that! Do all these Brazilian amps have the loud fans? PRV, SD, Tara...
  14. 528hz

    Smallest 2.5-3K amp

    I know about the Taramps (are they really legit?) and Stetsom from back I the day, but who makes the smallest 2.5-3K now'a days.
  15. 528hz

    WTF America!!!

    Oppression against people of color...jesus ******* christ... THEN QUIT COMMITTING MOST ALL OF THE VIOLENT CRIME!