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  1. minidecisions

    why should i do! (beginner)

    :confused:Look i don't know really anything about car audio all i know is i have 6 shitty ass p1's and 3 kenwood 800w's! i am lookin for somerthiing with a lot of bass and decent sq! I dont know the dimensions of the box but its 6 dif sealed enclosures! i hae an ext. cab s-10 ! i have roughly 800 to spend can some1 help me out!
  2. minidecisions

    rockford p1 12" 4 ohm

    hey are trash and will end up fallin apart on you in just about 5 months
  3. minidecisions

    kicker or no!!HeLp!?!?!?!

    i dont understand why you said typing>you whats the hell does that mean
  4. minidecisions

    kicker or no!!HeLp!?!?!?!

    I need help! i have a s10 extcab.extreme and i have recently been looking at kick's 07cvr104's and i have a box alreayd installed with 3kenwood800wat but when recieved had no speakers have spots for 6if i went ahead and got the kick's does any1 think i could get top 3 at any comp's if not what should i got with i have about8tospend!pleaze help:confused:
  5. minidecisions

    Harrisonburg VA, step forward....

    hey man haven't really gotten into anything thing like this b4 but i am soon to purchase 6 kick 07cvr104 do you think that would get me in top 3 at a comp? i have 3 800 kenwood amps and i have a s10 ext.cab