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  1. jco1385

    Build around Alpine X 12"

    I was running my Type X at about 1.2k rms off of an old school MTX 1501d in a 2cf slot port box @ 30hz (see my sig). It was nasty When I get my shit together and reinstall it, it will be nasty again.
  2. I need some red/black 10g primary wire. OFC not CCA. 25' spool of each would be enough. Only thing I see on amazon is CCA
  3. jco1385

    MTX 81000 (blown)

    Item(s) for Sale: 2003 era MTX 81000D Monoblock Class D amp Item(s) Description/Condition: I bought this in it's current condition so I could have it fixed. I never did, so now I want to pass it to someone else to fix. It is a little rough, missing some mounting feet, maybe a couple screws. There are some bad mosfets and swollen caps... Price: $55 plus shipping ($18.75 USPS Large flat rate box) Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Shipping covered by the buyer. Item Pictures:
  4. This is what I have. https://no.co/g3500
  5. Get the fuck out of here with your spam
  6. jco1385

    Am I In The Wrong?

    Bro, you are being a bitch right now. You basically let this man rob you of your time and money that you put into this car, and let him renege on his word to sell to you at a certain price. You don't let that shit go and you certainly don't call them a friend. Life is gonna be tough for you. Ol boy need his ass beat to knock that ego down a bit.
  7. jco1385

    Am I In The Wrong?

    You get another birthday this year. Don't be a pussy. You should have removed everything you paid for or put a lein on it.
  8. jco1385

    Am I In The Wrong?

    Burn his house down
  9. New is not out of the question, I just figured I could settle for an older used unit and get more for my money. That does look like a nice headunit. USB is pretty important to this upgrade. I want more compatibility than the JVC in my sig offers.
  10. Bump. Needs to be fully functional. MP3, USB, and F/R/S rca outputs required. Doesn't need to be active or anything special.
  11. No one has any good decks for sale?
  12. I like that Kenwood. Does it have everything it came with new? Reason for selling? Does anyone even make a flip-out with USB/aux? Most everything is double din now