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  1. Maybe I'm missing something? My cell phone is 3.2ah. If you put 3-4 cell phone batteries together you'd have 10ah. I don't see why it would supply good power for bass music? I have some experience with lithium in other applications and some of them didn't perform any better than regular batteries. I really don't care how they perform because the cheapest one is $1500, and it is only 26ah. I'm assuming they stay charged at full capacity by the alternator as long as the car running? I'm not seeing the benefits just like you won't benefit from buy a 100k Tesla vs a cheaper gas car.
  2. These batteries are pretty good so far. I still need to run 2 runs of zero to the back. The turquoise looking wire running to the back is Cadence, and it has corrosion so bad that you can see it through the jacket. I still need to order some more power wire to complete it. Everytime I crank the truck the voltage is higher than it use to be, but I think the big 3 upgrade is responsible more than just adding another battery?
  3. Measuring doesn't work all the time because sometimes you never know when they are measuring from the top post or just to the top minus the post. The Bosch platinum I had in there is measured wrong on pep boys website as far as the height. The Kinetik and XS power can stay on the shelf because I went cheap. I got 2 Duracell agm Platinum batteries to go under the hood, and I already have 3 batteries in the back that have about 100ah a piece. I read somewhere that some guy said he was having problems closing is Tahoe hood with the hc1400. That's why I didn't bother with Kinetik. The hc1400 was supposed to be a direct fit, but I didn't want to take a chance. The Bosch battery was leaking acid and the acid destroyed my hose to the windshield wiper reservior. It won't look like the pics after I finish running the new wires, and get an alternator.
  4. I already measured it and don't understand how people are fitting these big batteries. All I see on pics is people using the older blue Kinetics. I can't find one pic of the newer ones in Tahoes. There's also another inch for me to add for the type of terminals I'm using. I'm just going to take a chance on the hc2000. If I can't get it to work I'll flip it side ways and put it on the passenger side. I saw an older blue hc2400 sitting in the main battery spot with plenty of clearance on the top, but when you measure it it seems like it will sit up higher. Don't worry, I'll figure it out.
  5. I'm talking about the newer Kinetics. The newer BLU series that are black have different dimensions than the blue ones that were discontinued. I want to replace the main with a hc2000 without flipping it on its side. I think the new hc2400 is taller than the older blue one. I have a 2001 Tahoe and still would like to use the side post. I'd like to get the hc2400 in there, but it looks like it is taller than a xs d3100? I don't want the hc1400 so don't even suggest it, and I want something with more amp hours than a xs d3400.
  6. Bass911

    Sundown SA-12 vs Orion XTR Pro

    Watch the whole video
  7. Bass911

    Sundown SA-12 vs Orion XTR Pro

    It won't walk on the new ones. The new Orion xtr pro 15" weighs about 65 pounds. I have 4 sa15's and I'm not in love with them at all. I don't hate them, but just not satisfied.