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  1. Hi everyone, Within the next year or two i will be purchasing a Toyota 4 Runner limited. I plan to go full system replacement. For the head unit I am looking at the Kenwood Excelon DNX995S. For speakers i want to do 3 way components in the front. Debating between Focal, Hertz, Infinity, For back doors and tailgate speakers i cant decide if I should go coaxal 2/3 ways or 2 way components. I plan to reuse the factory sub location but with a better 8" sub. I plan to run amps for everything and considering also running a Hertz Audio H8 DSP unit. I am looking for good clean sound and I am picky about sound quality as I used to run large live sound for concerts ect. Any input, advice, recommendations, insight all are welcome. I also plan on adding sound deadening where needed. Thank you,