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  1. 2lo2flo

    **FS: Stetsom 4k2d**

    One of my all time favorite amps! Owned a few of these. If you ever lower the price a bit I maybe interested, Excellent seller here!
  2. 2lo2flo

    WTB: Orion 2100 HCCA

    Good luck finding one... btw, is the damaged hcca 2100 u have listed in your sig for sale?
  3. 2lo2flo

    Ppi pc650

    nice amp
  4. 2lo2flo

    Alpine cda-9886

    remote included?
  5. 2lo2flo

    Look what i scored (PPI) for $40

    pic of wife?
  6. welcome back! good guy here..
  7. 2lo2flo

    stetsom v 4k5e-2

    they are daily amps. They are used in brazil in DJ typed carnival trucks and play music for hours at a time!
  8. I have pics of a smaller build! using 6 2000x would post soon