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  1. OK, I need this stuff gone, its just sitting in my room, make me a reasonable offer and it can be in the mail on monday... I just need to sell this stuff and get rid of it
  2. twisztdpunisher

    18" RE MT MMATS recone D2

    Item(s) for Sale: 18" Re Mt with a juggernaut recone by MMATS D2 Item(s) Description/Condition: Very good condition, The cone is a little dirty, will be cleaned before shipping, Works flawlessly, been running on 500 watts inside a house for the last 4 years. When it was in the truck, It was run on 2000 watts. Price: 300 + shipping ObO Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: This thing has been sitting for so long, It needs some Lovin!! its in great shape and wants to be back inside a car where it can get the power it needs and wants. It has been babied for so long and desperately wants to be used like it was meant to. Open to offers, not interested in car audio tho. mainly cash fastest way to contact me is through pm or email k.hosey9@gmail.com Item Pictures:
  3. aa ---------- Post added at 10:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:34 AM ---------- a day late sorry man, shipped em off 2 days ago. are you interested in an 18" re mt juggernaut recone by mmats?
  4. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/amplifier-classifieds/576043-wts-almost-new-condition-aq2200-15-fi-btl-d1.html Buy it all and we can do 475 shipped TYD
  5. BUMP BUMP PRICE DROP 150+shipping.
  6. twisztdpunisher

    WTS In almost new condition, AQ2200 & 15" fi btl D1

    bump bump price drop 340 pp and shipped tyd
  7. I really dont want to, I dont want to have to ship all these things
  8. gotcha, totally didnt see the same sn lol my bad, hope you like it, I sat there while the packaged it up, it was pretty comical watching the guy start to sweat picking the box up and down lol, hopefully they did a good job tho, they had to double box it, before i left i had to snap a couple pics of it all boxed up
  9. The rcas are new in package at the top under the little stuff, have both sets.
  10. twisztdpunisher

    WTS In almost new condition, AQ2200 & 15" fi btl D1

    Sub sold bump bump