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  1. you want to out rigfht sell that10w3?
  2. cf2004

    New 2012 Type R?

    ok, gotta ask, what does underhung mean? never knew what it ment
  3. cf2004

    zachzchw possible scammer

    they hear me trollin......
  4. cf2004

    Best Place To Buy Fi

    lol i remember it
  5. cf2004

    Why the hate on Audiopipe ASPM models??

    Very true. It really applys to everything. Nothing HAS to come tommorow. Buy what you want. Wait, save and dream and when the day comes you can buy the new piece of equipment, you will enjoy it more.
  6. cf2004

    sub motors or broken subs

    got an sa8 motor
  7. cf2004

    Snap On ratchets and sockets

    hey man, check out the forum over at garagejournal.com. They love their snap on tools. May get a quicker sale.
  8. cf2004

    AP mini amps

  9. cf2004

    **** mechman

    no refunds for un happy customers...ummm, i think i will pass on them
  10. cf2004

    Brand New SSD Making Funny Noise

    wow, if they told you you had to pay return shipping for their defective product, then WOW. i wont do anymore bussiness w/ them
  11. better check the thread over at caco. his attitude *****
  12. cf2004

    Budget Subwoofer Build

    ampAudiopipe APSM-1300 2000W Mono Mini Amplifier : APSM1300 : $112.95 : VMInnovations.com subs 2)NEW RE AUDIO REX12D4 12" Car Sub Woofers - 350w Pair! | eBay not the cream of the crop, but within your budget.
  13. cf2004

    Budget Subwoofer Build

    yeah, we need some type of budget to work with.