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  1. pyfocal

    Vintage Mind Blower speakers???

    Also once five or six of us bought them we would park and all put on the same radio station and turn em wide open ! The cops would hassle us for noise. Nothing else to do in a town with one stoplight. Lol
  2. pyfocal

    Vintage Mind Blower speakers???

    I had a set of these in my first car. A 69 Dodge Coronet 440. I had the Pioneer Supertuner cassette with the round dial. They were amazingly loud for a 6x9. I'm guessing they were built like a pro audio speaker. I say this because I didn't know anything about pro audio then but I have heard a lot of it lately and have some myself. I bought them at a local record store/stereo shop. They were a lot like a good 6.5 pa speaker would sound today. The amps couldn't have been too powerful but it wouldn't take that many watts to get loud. They also did seem to project sound a long way. From 30 or 40 yards away you could hear them clearly. I can't speak exactly about sound quality as a lot of time has passed and memory is a funny fleeting thing. I have scan speak 6004's, 10f's and ES-06's in my truck on the new soundstream ref amps from a few years back and a Dayton HO 12 on a Zapco 750.2 bridged. I can tell you I can turn off the sub and the mind blowers would be very pale in comparison to just the three way. But I'll never forget the smile on my face when I got those mind blowers hooked up the first time ! So I feel I can know how advanced and how good my equipment is today but still get a big kick out of my memories of the mind blowers.
  3. pyfocal

    Looking for Seas Neo Alums Tweets

    You can buy em new at Madisound for $40 each.
  4. pyfocal

    Bit One & Head unit RCA output voltage question!

    Bit One Input sensitivity on low level takes I believe at least .35 volts to get 4 volts max out of it (which will almost never get to 4 volts anyway). It can handle up to 20 volts on the high level inputs. I'd try the high level inputs first. If the head unit signal is of decent sound quality the Bit can do you a lot of good. If the quality of the head unit signal is ****** then the Bit can only do so much. I would try it before spending more unless you wanted a head unit anyway. I've had my PRS80 since they came out. I think it's as good as any for the price. I think my old 9887 sounds as good or a little better and I love the layout for crossover adjustment on it but the 80 has all the newer features that it doesn't. 2 USB inputs, SD card slot, aux in on the front and good Bluetooth without buying any add on boxes. Good luck to you !
  5. Great tweeters ! If you're on Diyma you definitely should list em there. Good market for em there.
  6. pyfocal

    WTB Component Speakers

    I have bought from vertex a couple of times. Stellar service and great communication.
  7. pyfocal

    RCA question

    Of course I didn't mean you should pay retail. I got lucky 10 years ago and have a big stash of Stinger Helix 4 and 2 channels I bought for almost nothing. I've got a mix of pro audio and home audio components in my home stereo and always had a noise. It sounded like mains hum. I looked for a ground loop, switched out components and even bought a small power conditioner. It just happened that my RCAs from my preamp got cut while moving furniture around one day. I didn't have any good home style RCAs on hand so I said screw it I'll throw in a set of those Helix for now. Boom my noise I had for a year was gone and the system sounded better. I feel it to be the shielding and construction in of the Helix RCAs. And the noise has never returned in two years.
  8. pyfocal

    RCA question

    Making your own with high quality cable and ends is a great way to go. I'm horrible at soldering so I measure the car and buy the closest to the length I need from a good manufacturer like Stinger 9000's. There should be threads on here about making your own and definitely on Dyma.com.
  9. pyfocal

    Before ordering 80prs

    That JVC has a boatload of nice features ! I wonder how good the quality is ?