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  1. awesome mids, goa set of he rmb8'sn 6'sthat need recons..... anyone have any idea were can get them from or if it's possible. twood make a nice front stage with my resolution splits
  2. Side Show

    6x9 issue

    swap left rca going into your amp for the right one and see if the fault swaps sides
  3. Side Show

    unidentified amplifier

    legacy or sony
  4. those adapter harneses are shocking and have seen heaps fail (unplug it all and check the pins in the harness connector)
  5. that'll do it, glad you got it sorted
  6. Side Show

    what to look for in a active 4ch amp ?

    dam wish the kx series had bandpass
  7. swap your rca's over on your speaker amp (left for right and right for left)if the sound swaps sides it's an issue befor the amp, if it doesn't swap sides it's todo with the wiring from the amp to that speaker/crossover
  8. Side Show

    Helpful Opinions Needed!

    get a custom build box made to suit your subs/amp/car.... it'll make a huge difference. and be sure to set your amp up correctly (search on how to set gain,bassboost ect) the kicer zx1500.1 should go into protect mode If It gets low voltage ---------- Post added at 12:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:24 AM ---------- do have you have any pics of your system atm?
  9. Side Show

    pyle pa tweets same as sq?

    magnet seems smaller on the pyle and the capacitor is different aswell. like most thing's you will get what you pay for
  10. Side Show

    pyle pa tweets same as sq?

    fair call... I doubt they would be the same. whats the price on the soundqubed ones?
  11. Side Show

    pyle pa tweets same as sq?

    i'm not sure but i'd say pyle and sq should never be used in the same sentence.......... but dam they are cheap
  12. prob was the connections for the speakers at the amp
  13. take the rca's out and check if it still has that sound, also check your ground as said.