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  1. jbizzle

    FS: Sundown SA-15s & SA motors

    2 SA-15s d4 left 3 motors if you want quotes shoot me a pm
  2. jbizzle


    $125 have no issues, $100 have dark coils... As Mike said either of us can recone for you, still much cheaper than buying a new SA-15. I have motors for $75, you can have a "brand new" SA-15 for $120~ Otherwise if you need anything done hit up mlstrass, he'll take care of you.
  3. Wire the sub in parallel and connect it to any - & + on the amp. There are 4 terminals there just so its easier for you to connect everything.
  4. I'm a prick because I don't want your shitty offer of $375, lick my sack. Don't be a little bitch because you can't afford batteries. You gotta pay to play kiddo. I may also add if you weren't blind you would see in the first post price is firm.