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  1. OK, I may be able to do this, but I just thought of something else that may actually work better. I installed a Pioneer radio in this truck years ago. Did it all myself so can easily take out the head unit. Was then thinking maybe I could just tap into the current red and yellow wires that are connecting this Pioneer radio via its wire harness. Would this possibly work as well?
  2. there is no "harness" available as its an auxilary add-on component. Plugs into an AUX port on the car stereo. Here is what I am referring to: KENWOOD KOS-A300 It still needs some sort of power via its own yellow and red cables
  3. I have a Kenwood KOS-A300 Factory Radio Upgrade System. It used to be in a Honda Odyssey and worked great. Sold the vehicle, but pulled this Kenwood system out before I sold it. It has red and yellow wires so needs to be directly hooked into the fuse box for power. I did this for the Honda, but I am looking to now install it in a 1994 Nissan pickup. Not sure which fuses to tap into though. Is there any way of getting a hold of some sort of fuse diagram for this vehicle? And which ones would I tap into for each wire (red and yellow)?