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  1. TurdFergueson2

    I have no idea what amp to get

    No more than 500 watts @2 ohms
  2. TurdFergueson2

    My crimping ***** ??

    I just beat the hell out of it with a hammer. Never had one come out. My buddy showed me a new way. Take a fine pointed chisel and bang indentations into them. Then bang them with a hammer. I also wrap them with electrical tape. Not pretty, but they get the job done.
  3. TurdFergueson2

    what single din ? 80 prs or what else ?

    I haven't seen the new 80s, but my older ones you had to buy all types of addons (bluetooth, ipod hookup etc). Still my favorite HU.
  4. TurdFergueson2

    Next forum bonor?

    Funky pups.
  5. TurdFergueson2

    What else do i need?

    You could get a 5 channel unless you want to run two amps. You'll need an amp wiring kit which should have everything you'll need to power the amp, and either a 6 channel set of rcas, or a 4 and a 2 channel set. Make sure they're long enough to go from the back of the radio to your amp.
  6. TurdFergueson2

    What amp would I need?

    I've been out the game for a while, but I know not to run Boss or Pyle
  7. Do your big 3 and see if it fixes your issue
  8. TurdFergueson2

    Cabela's agm

    They Look interesting.
  9. TurdFergueson2

    Mechman or Singer?

    well that *****. Hope it doesn't happen to me. And when you have a chance, I need to stop up to the chop shop. i think i have the itch again.
  10. TurdFergueson2

    Pioneer 80prs vs Alpine 149

    I own 2 80 PRS, and a 9887. I like the features of the 80s, but I love the ease of the 9887. The 80s also display voltage as well. But to throw another hat in the ring, the Eclipse CD 7200MKII is worth finding.
  11. TurdFergueson2

    Mechman or Singer?

    Has the CS improved since I last bought a DC? I waited over a month and a half for mine. And has the quality of the Mechman alts took a dump since I last bought from them? In in the market for a new alt. And a box.
  12. TurdFergueson2

    Yet another problem with my sundown subs

    Business 101 Chapter 1 Lesson 1: Everybody is a potential customer.
  13. TurdFergueson2

    Yet another problem with my sundown subs

    It looks as though when you're TOTALLY wrong, you still can't just say you're wrong. Or you just need attention.
  14. TurdFergueson2

    Yet another problem with my sundown subs

    Damm '11ers
  15. TurdFergueson2

    Contributing/Sponsor Memberships

    You should go for it. It will most likely work out. A lot of the vendors are already here. I saw 2 post in this thread alone. You will most likely have to enforce some rules about people thrying to cheat the system. It works well on other sites.