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  1. yea see if you cant get it shipped to soewhere near the border then go pick it up if you're close??
  2. dwright27

    Trying to understand what DD did on my recone

    rich ass .....
  3. dwright27

    **** you mtx

    GIVE it to me
  4. idk. the sundown does pull alot of current indeed though. thats how it makes the high POWAAAAAH
  5. wow. i got 225 amp stock batt and big three and i get 0 dimming. but i was only running a 1000D with 160 amps of fusing. but i was probably pulling like ..... 1200 or so RMS
  6. i ran my 1/0 under the truck theres grommets back there and if not pop a hole with the drill and drop you a grommet in there. i believe parts express has them and i may have a few.
  7. hahaha i have done the big three i get a pic for you but i couldnt get the one that runs under the truck off so i just made a a new one
  8. the wire is in the dash. i wish i had a picture for you but it sits right behind where the radio does. give it a hot signal. we didnt have a chime when the door was open either. but once i put a hot signal to that wire and changed the fuse EVERYTHING was working.
  9. i just read the entire post. look for the little red wire and make sure its got a hot signal. but check the fuses under the hood again.
  10. i had this problem in my moms 2003. under the hood theres a fuse box on the left hand side. open the box and check all the fuses. i think the one i had to change was number 27 i believe. but check all of them and replace the one that blown. the power locks, the trunk popper, the dome light, no dash lights and the radio wouldnt turn on for me. also there is a red like 18 or 20 gauge wire that you're gonna neeed to make sure is hot i believe.
  11. dwright27

    how does this look

    get all the options you listed and please dont use an LOC, they suck teh ****.