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  1. Jdm94Coupe

    Bnib jvc kw-nt810hdt

    Okay I'll get back to you soon.
  2. Jdm94Coupe

    Bnib jvc kw-nt810hdt

    You have a rear camera for it?
  3. I don't have a shipping connection anymore. So the price is $300 plus USPS shipping...... to best get a hold of me, please text me.....and no i'm sorry I don't have the original box. 404-934-1594
  4. $200? No thank you. This is a navigation double din with 5 volt pre outs. When did they start selling for $200? $300 is a steal itself.....
  5. Jdm94Coupe

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    Honestly, no I don't. I've been a member on this forum for some time and I know how these threads work, anything I say will be interpreted as a excuse. I am not and never have been a scammer. I have, however, been scammed (on this site) and never received a penny back OR my sent merchandise back as well. (Not that it matters or relates to this instance in particular) I made errors and I will own up to them, I apologized to him as well as to the caraudio.com community. His refund has been sent, I'm just glad I didn't resend it again as he made a paypal claim.
  6. Jdm94Coupe

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    refund sent.
  7. No trades, thanks though.
  8. AJustinCarter@yahoo.com Will Ship Out Monday. Just letting you know ahead of time.
  9. 16GB Ipad 2 w/ LifeProof Waterproof,snow, and dirt proof case..... $300 Shipped. PayPal ready.
  10. Double Din Unit Ipod Out for the Glovebox Mic for the Bluetooth Remote for the Unit. RCA Outputs etc on back GPS antenna No rear camera stuff There's a lot of stuff about this unit I love. While in GPS it still plays all your music and videos while driving. The 3d GPS while being in downtown Atlanta is great. You can turn on and off the GPS voice and switch from a lady to a man if you use it. Video quality is great and the 5 volt pre-outs are great too..... supposedly plays some videos off of connected ipods too.