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  1. How much would you want for it shipped to 48312?

  2. Might you still be interested in the HD3 motor you asked about a while back?

  3. Lingerfelt

    Teh holy grail of noleg!

    I opened this thread hoping for noodz of that one legged girl with big boobs, and all I got was a Cotjones post... Disappointment at it's finest.
  4. Lingerfelt

    WTB Blown 12

    I have a shocker super extreme motor if you're interested.
  5. Interested in possibly selling the TC9 motor? If so shoot me a price shipped to 48312, if not good luck.
  6. Lingerfelt

    promise ring/occasion ring

    Unless he already trained her to hate gold because it's so much more expensive than silver Good luck with the sale
  7. Lingerfelt

    new grill in the mag

    Vertical ftw, looks better no doubt
  8. Lingerfelt

    Kicker vs RE?

  9. Look sick on the G8, great price and good luck with the sale.
  10. Looks good... But I swear, if I see or hear Giovanni one more time... IT'S GIOVANNA
  11. Lingerfelt

    2 ported type rs vs 1 sealed type x

    Smack the shit out of him. Not just going off common sense either, but I've run both 2 R's ported and a single X sealed.
  12. Lingerfelt

    Fi and Image Dynamics

    I'm not an sq guy by any means, but I thought my ID Max sounded better than my Q. If I could get an ID Max for the same or near the same price as a Q, ID Max all the way.
  13. Lingerfelt

    RD HW VS DD 9512 VS DC LVL 4 or 5

    I've heard a pair of Level 4's with Level 5 coils and they didn't sound bad at all.
  14. Lingerfelt

    memphis pr1000.1 or kicker zx1500.1

    Check your PM's