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  1. Agreed. I made an offer to an ebay seller for a bma 5350. He/she came down a little but my offer was equal to what 2 more sold for just a week or so prior. They ended up relisting for less, twice and after about 3 weeks, sold it for what I offered. I didn't see it and would have bought it but jeez... I also like the A/D/S stuff for Porsche as that's what I remember all the cool ones had. I used to love/have hifonics viii stuff but exes...Now I try to find autotek bts or the first mean machines as I feel they're a more feature rich evolution of the hifonics stuff. Now I just like to do 3-way systems and much lower power. 25ish to the tweets, 50ish to the mids, and 2-300 for a sub. I've got a 2ohm 1st run re8 that I think I might do a t-line for the Merc. I've got a full Cosworth body kit, big turbo, and huge injection pump to install to make a Superturbo. Really cool little 80's tribute. My email is kapnkATcflDOTrrDOTcom if you want to let me know what kind of stuff you have. My name is Steve. Thanks.
  2. Know of any good ones? I'm in the zed one. I only get on to wish happy birthdays, for sale groups, and marketplace.
  3. So where does everyone hang and sling their old merch these days? I'm dickin' around at work and ended up here seeing if any old crunch stuff was around. I remembered Lou_CRX always had the finds. I just picked up an 87 Mercedes 190D Turbo for a daily commuter and have been semi looking for a vintage amp or two. I've got some old Autoteks, PGs, JBLs and others but they're all too big for what I want to do with this one. Anywho...Wazzup?!