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  1. those of you with 1st gen 2 door hatch back ford focus'....how much space is there for a wall behind the front seats? may be getting one (i think its a 2001ish) 2 door hatch in a trade for a truck i dont need anymore, and the focus i could probably sell easier than the rusty truck. anyways i was thinking and i may just drive it for 6 months or a year and just do a budget wall in it with like hifonics 12s or something (if i do cheap $30 dollar subs, i'd do like 16 of them). i already have wire, a HU, an amp for mids/highs, i think i even have some mids/highs laying around. so all ill need is cheap subs, some cheap amps (probably audiopipe for cheap decent power) and a couple batts, and wood for the wall. not even gonna make it pretty, just leave it bare, if anything just spray paint it. but just to give me an idea, im trying to find out dimensions/airspace i have to work with. post pics/links to any 2 door hatch ford focus wall builds also if you'd like!
  2. orangecounty1

    ~.6 cubes sealed - shallow 12 or regular 8/10?

    Jacob himself has. Obviously ported would work better but thats not an option for me
  3. orangecounty1

    ~.6 cubes sealed - shallow 12 or regular 8/10?

    No room elsewhere. I use the cargo daily to haul stuff.
  4. Im building 2 separate ~.6 to .7 cube boxes in the footwell of an 06 scion xb. Wondering if I should run 2 12inch pioneer shallow ib flats, would be around 100 each Or 2 sundown sa10s. Idk how well the sa will do in a .5ish box after displacement, but their site says thats the recommended size for sealed. Would be running around rated power as well. Down firing box.
  5. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    Only epoxy holding the eq in place right now.. seems to hold up great and not budge. Had to cut out some ish.
  6. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    die in a fire.
  7. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    made a little boo boo. hits the interior panel when i close it in one spot.
  8. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    current setup, but the bass knob wont work on the new amps im getting. so i decided to replace my 880 with a 3 way crossover, clarion EQ, and pioneer p4300dvd double din. that means the suede comes off the bezel. HU should be in by the 28th according to bestbuy. kinda pisses me off, it usually only takes 2-3 days to ship to store...holidays i guess.
  9. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    quick sand with some 80 grit. applied a second coat of filler just now. drivers door shouldnt be too much longer.
  10. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    been too long. finally getting some motivation to finish these panels.
  11. orangecounty1

    2010 HHR wall build

    got alot of body work ahead of me. just gave it a quick over with some 80 grit just to knock down the rough spots. i need to add more mat in some areas, most likely ill do that from the inside of the panel. no flash pics: flash: