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  1. Did some work on the car, has 9 deka batts and 8 hdc310's and 8 shark 2500's @ .5. Car needs a lot more work but with no testing did a 157.8 at the headrest and 158.8 in the kick @ 41 hz. Car is brutal and plays insanely flat. Broke the first windshield in 10 min lol sunroof didn't help. Buddy has a setup that does 158 in the kick with a 4 18 wall and they sound nothing alike, this thing kills. He has it on the meter now to get close to that 160 for slamology.
  2. You guys are probably right. We'll see what it does at the moment and then we can properly assess what its got in it. We meter at the headrest btw not the dash or kick.
  3. reviving this thread. sold the car like it is to my buddy. he hooked up 2 aq3500.1's strapped @ 1 ohm on it and it plays LOW. peaks at probably 33 hz. I imagine it's doing a 155+ at the headrest. will have vids and meter score soon. oh, it does epic hair tricks too. in the near future he plans on 8 hdc3 10's on 4 3500.1's and 160's
  4. icweiner

    cheapest system youd run.

    soundqubed hds200
  5. No updates yet guys. Got 1 out of 8 amps im gonna run though. Kicker cx 1200., beast *** amp, clamped 1253 watts at 10.5 volts wired @ 1 ohm rising to 2.2. Voltage was a rundown batt just to test lol. So 8 of them ill be seeing 8kw clamped EASY with no clipping. Going to run 4 hx400 batts, 8 cx 1200.1's @ 1ohm and a maxx link to hook them all up. About to order a new HU and a steve meade CC1 to set it all up, going to run that new steve meade clipping indicator too since kicker amps dont have one.
  6. icweiner

    Swapped to Lawn Mower Batts and I must say

    I have used kinetik and they ****. An 1800 and 1400 couldnt handle a 3kw amp. I use the enersys/data safe batts. Only batt this better is the odyssey 2150 but its 100 more bux.
  7. icweiner

    Swapped to Lawn Mower Batts and I must say

    Brah, you must have been using ****** agms for these to be an upgrade.
  8. Yep. Played it full tilt on like 25hz no prob. Subs were probably seeing 500rms a piece. Not enough to bottom them out. If i put like 1k per sub on it like i want id set it up.
  9. Ssf was off. Yea both door open ******. Never tried both windows down or sealed up. I did the frequency testing with 1 door open. Idk maybe these subs just act different. I know when ive switched from sdc 2.5 to hdc3's in the past in the same box it played and sounded lower. Box, wall and car still need alot of work so ill see if i can get the lows. Gonna glue a brace to help the window flex too. Finally decided on amps, going with crescendo symphony's. Gonna order 1 for now and see how it does at .5 ohm. If it isnt protect happy and stays decently cool ill order 3 more.
  10. Wtf does page 4 not work? Edit: works after this post. Gonna have another vid with more songs tonight.
  11. Going to check for leaks tomorrow and test again.
  12. Hmmmm. After some reading it seems i should gain on the lows if i get it sealed off better. So im gonna check the whole wall out tomrrow for leaks. Its seams really sealed tight now though, itll make the sunroof move from pressure shutting the front door with the trunk and back doors open so idk. Might brace the side walls better and see that helps. I really dont wanna tune it lower because i like the way the highs sound now. Well more testing, ill see what happens tommorrow.
  13. icweiner

    Poorly designed 4th order

    You wont know until you build it. I would build a sealed box with a qtc of .707, find the resonance, do a 1:3 ratio ratio and use 1/2 cone area amount of port area tuned to the sealed resonance and just see how it sounds. To peaky, shrink the front, doesnt play low enough, tune the port lower, isnt loud enough, up the port area, subs unload to easy, make a loading wall. Once boxes are in the car its all testing, why do you think all the big 4th order builds have multiple test vids with no port and differnt ports? Its all about testing. Just make it to where the front can be totally changed and just goof with it. Thats what it is all about lol