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  1. peas247

    wtb 1k amp

    Got 1 thanks for the offers
  2. Looking for 1k at 1ohm...100% working order...cosmetic wise not a big deal...$200ish to spend...lemme know...woukd like a old school memphis mcd if any are around
  3. peas247

    WTB pair of 8s

    Cleard pms but its fuxed up still
  4. lookin for a pair of 8s...$175ish to spend...lemme know what ya got...
  5. peas247

    Two (2) MB Quart DSC1500.1Ds

    **** i was gonna take one
  6. peas247

    WTB 1-2k amp

    no thanks on either of them
  7. looking for a 1-2k amp @ 1 ohm. looking to keep it under $230 shipped. would like a sae 1000 or 1200d, memphis mc 1000d, or aq 1200d. lemme know what ya got. thanks
  8. peas247

    4 sundown e8s

    no meter anymore...figure around a 140 - 141 outlaw. its just something to play around with and have a little beat in the car
  9. peas247

    4 sundown e8s

    playin around with the 8's..still a lot of twaekin and tuning to do but they sounds great
  10. peas247

    new daily set up

    i'm lookin forward to playin with these for sure