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  1. nitro_freak1

    wtb 2ch

    im looking for a cheap 2 ch amp. When i say cheap i mean super cheap. nothing to pricey. like 20 bux cheap. only needs to do like 25-50 watts each channel. nothing high end or anything like that. shoot me what you have and some info on it. im in orlando fl if local pick up is good.
  2. nitro_freak1

    Emaxx and SNES FS

    1. Product: SNES with games 2. Specs: 5 games mega man x killer instanct tetris 2 tetris attack olympic games system 1 controller av cable power cable 3. Description/Condition: Used but works GREAT! 4. Price: : $56.00 shipped an insured (paypal) $50 shipped an insured (money order) $45 picked up 6. Pictures: 1. Product: Traxxas Emaxx with mods 2. Specs: Upgrade RPM upper and lower control arms in the front.(blue) aluminmum skid plates(silver) aluminmum bumpers(silver) Trans skid plate integey(blue) Integey lower alum control arms REAR(blue) rims and tires 3.3 t-maxx bulkhead(front) Spool in front diff. rebuilt rear diff new axles traxxas aluminmum shocks 2x gp 3700 packs Radio and receiver And alot of extra parts with it. 3. Description/Condition: its used but hauls a$$ and does wheelies on comman 4. Price: : $260 shipped an insured (paypal) $250 shipped an insurance (money order) $225 picked up I take money order and paypal Local pick up is accepted also. 6. Pictures: Im located in orlando FL pm me if you want more pics.
  3. nitro_freak1

    01 S 10 A++

    cody is a great guy. Did a trade with him today and everything was perfect. Thanks again man. Enjoy that soundstream
  4. BIG THANKS TO RETROAUDIOINC and FASTFOCUS00 OK well here is the new build... here is what i HAD 6x hifonics 12's kole audio 5500d premier 400ub soundstream tra960.4 NEW STUFF DC lvl 4 15 us2000d premier 510 soundstream tra960.4 Powerbass AEQ-7XO everything in the car DC sub ANO HU my DASH here is what happen as i was working on the wires an crap it went to the bone and i couldnt get it to stop bleeding lol here are my supplies to splint it and make it stop bleeding cuz it was all i had on hand here is the final product... now that thats fixed back to work...
  5. nitro_freak1

    WTT 4 a IPHONE

    i have alot of stuff to trade for one. And dont think this is ebay your not getting 4-500$ worth of stuff for it. They go for 200-250 for a new 3g on craigslist.com .... And no im not buying one. If i had the money to buy one i wouldnt be making this thread. Let me know what you want for it (search my threads to see what i have) and if you want my d50 for a trade your throwing 300 on top from the get go PERIOD. Let me know if somone wants to deal. thanks.
  6. OK well i want a electric Monster truck so all this stuff goes. 1. BRAND new Drutrax evader. This can be sold 3 ways. Completely stock RTR all Brand new never ran. $120 shipped RTR with novak GTS speedo (used a handfull of times) Airtronics 94357Z servo (used) cobalt 27 (very fast for a stockish motor) (new) stock AM radio and receiver (Still in plastic) brand new blades on dish (black) brand new super squares on dish (black) brand new stock pins and ribbed on dish (white) All papers and origanal box 2x 2000 matched packs GP 3000 pack rear chrome wheels with proline Pines $230 shipped Roller with no electronics 1 set of wheels $70 shipped Rc18MT RTR stock AE servo stock radio and receiver GM V3R esc stock motor stock MT tires buggy wing and mount (brand new) stock MT body cut for wing stock battery $100 shipped OR Roller minus all electronics $40 shipped MINI T ARTR AE XPS esc Airtronics 94091 servo AE stock motor new screw kit few spares stock wheels an tires Venom 1100 battery stock mini t body (USED but works) needs radio an receiver wheel pins and nuts $70 shipped * If items are sold as roller i will sell the electronics separately. * Reedy mvp stock motor 24* $5 Trinity P2K pro $15 Team associated 17t $10 speed gem mod $5 AE XP1016 servo $7 stock mini t electronics. radio, reciever, esc combo $15 Mini 1/18th foams 3 rears and 2 fronts $15 Once cars get sold i will get rid of the extra electronics. Only trades im lookin for are a EMAXX or E-Revo. THATS IT I except paypal or local pick up. PICS WILL BE UP SHORTLY
  7. 1. Product: samsung metro flip phone and charger 2. Specs: Phone for metro PCS 3. Description/Condition: Great condition like new. Comes with car charger, phone and battery. 4. Price: :$45 shipped 5. Pictures: NOTE there is no smudges or scratches like it shows in the photos' Can get better pics if you would like them. Everything works flawlessly. NEXT 1. Product: 2 super nintendo's and games. Comes with 2 systems, 6 games, 1 controller, 2 power cords, 2 AV cords. 2. Specs: Classic game system that ppl still love 3. Description/Condition: Great condition for its age. All games work and both systems work great. 4. Price: : $80 shipped for everything 5. Pictures: I just have the 1 system in the photo's i can get one of both photo's if needed. NEXT 1. Product: N64 with wires 2. Specs: another great classic 3. Description/Condition: works great. Comes with game system, AV cord and power cord. 4. Price: : $30 shipped 5. Pictures: I take paypal.
  8. nitro_freak1

    Nikon D50 DSLR

    1. Product: Nikon D50 DSLR 2. Specs: Lens and Image QualityMegapixels:6.1 MegapixelsOptical Zoom:3 XAuto Focus:TTL phase detectionLens System:Nikon AF-S DX 18-55mm lensImage Sensor:CCDMax Aperture:f/3.5Min Aperture:f/5.6Max Focal Length:55 mmMin Focal Length:18 mmMaximum Shutter Speed:1/4000 secMinimum Shutter Speed:30 secImage Format:JPEG, RAWFocus Modes:Automatic, ManualExposure Settings:I-TTL program flash, Program, Bulb, Automatic, Manual, Aperture-priority, Shutter-priorityISO Equivalencies:200-1600Metering Characteristics:3D color matrix II, Center-weighted, SpotMinimum Focusing Range:11 inCCD Size:15.6 x 23.7mmNumber Of CCD Pixels:6.24 MillionFeaturesLCD Screen Size:2 inViewfinder:Eye-level mirror pentaprismViewfinder Field of View:95 %Self Timer:YesSelf Timer Delay:2 - 20 secWhite Balance:Custom, Automatic, PresetsContinuous Shooting Speed:2.5 fpsMemoryRecording Method:Secure Digital (SD) CardConnectorsConnectors:1 x composite video output, 1 x USBIncluded Cable Types:USB , Video MiscellaneousIncluded Components:Eyepiece cover, Dust cap, Body cap, Lens cap, Shoulder strapIncluded Software:Drivers & Utilities, Nikon PictureProjectCamera Type:SLRGeneral Product InfoWeight:1.1 lbs.Also known as:, Nikon 25231, Nikon, Nikon D50Manufacturer Part No.:25231Dimension:4 in. x 5.2 in. x 3 in.(HxWxD) 3. Description/Condition: Ive had this camera for about 2 years now was my FIRST DSLR. This thing is AWSOME. Im purchasing a new one and well. Its time for this one to go. It has been cleaned once every 2 months since i purchased it (from a SLR store near me) and has never been dropped, broke, in water, anything. There is NO problem with this at all. It comes with a padded camera bag, nikon strap, lens cover, camera body, 28-80mm lens and ill throw in a 2g card. 4. Price: : I piad $1600 for this about 16 months ago. I want LOWERED $500 shipped! MO $515 shipped PAYPAL Local pick up is fine. Im in altamonte springs. 5. Trades 1500+rms amp + cash Flip out DVD player + cash NICE 4 channel + cash 360 + cash PS3 + cash Point and shoot digital + cash 6. Pictures: I will add some photo's in a few hours. Im at work right now. these are older ill take new ones when i get home.
  9. nitro_freak1

    wtt 2-4-1

    1. Product: Pioneer premier DEH-P400UB with ipod/usb cable AND JVC KD-G720 with KS-PD100 ipod adapter. 2. Specs: 3. Description/Condition: Both Lightly used but work PERFECTLY 4. What you are looking for: DVD Flip out with 3 pre outs (front/rear/sub) 5. Pictures of your item for trade: Will update with pioneer pics its in the car right now. Will also sell $150 shipped for pioneer $100 shipped for JVC and adapter
  10. nitro_freak1

    PSP with games for sale

    1. Product: SONY PSP 2. Specs: PSP on 2.6 software. All games and movies have 0 ZERO scratches. all movies were viewd once and gamesa few times. All is like brand new 3. Description/Condition: comes with SONY PSP CHARGER 512MB CARD 2G CARD MIDNIGHT CLUB DUB EDITION 3 MX VS ATV ON THE EDGE TRISTED METAL HEAD ON THESE ARE UMD MOVIES\/ HELLBOY REIGN OF FIRE THE FIFTH ELEMENT GUESS WHO THE PUNISHER STARSHIP TROPPERS ROBOTS ALSO HAS A HARD CASE AND HEAD PHONES. RUNS ON 2.6 SOFTWARE SO IT IS ABLE TO BE DOWNGRADED AND ELOADED 4. Price: : $175 SHIPPED 6. Pictures:
  11. nitro_freak1

    mk5blood possible scammer

    OK well i purchased a XO DVD player from him and it took 2 weeks to ship out. He said he had some problems with the packaging or something. FINE, understandable. I told him if he could not get it out by a certain date to just give me a refund cuz i needed a HU ASAP. He got it out by the date and it arrived SATURDAY at a differant address then what i gave him. I was in the middle of moving so i gave him my new address to send it to and updated my address on paypal the following day from me sending him payment. So my old address was on my paypal account. I told him if he wanted to refund the money and i would send it back with the updated address so it was still safe on his end with shipping, He said not a problem ill send to the new address. BUT he did not. It arrived at my old address and placed on the back porch (which i did not know until 10pm last night when i drove over there and searched around for the package). I tested the DVD player last night and the buttons for the TOUCH SCREEN on the left side do not work. I then told him and have gotten no help at all. I assume he does not intend to make this right at all considering his rude response's. The deal was 120$ and 2 tweeters for the HU, i have NOT sent the tweeters out because of this situation. I admit i was a little rude in some of my pm's to him because he does net intend on making this right, i also apolgized for my remarks and comments. Here is 2 of the pms i got from him when i asked what he planned on doing to make it right and why he didnt not send it to the address i provided for him. I have all the PM's from me to him and him to me. I will be more then happy to post them also. If he corrects this problem i will be more then happy to update and erase this post by all means. Im not out to get anyone or mess anyone's reputation up. I just want what i purchased. He told me that there was NOTHING wrong with this unit and it worked like new, and it does not. He claims on it having insurance but it does not, and he denied to make a claim so i could get a flawless HU that works properly. Hopefully it will get worked out since i took it to the public now after not getting any help threw pm's. I reacted by making a claim to paypal but because it was shipped they denied it. His local PD is being more then helpful about the situation and want me to try and get it resolved between me and him before they react for internet fraud. BUYER/TRADER BEWARE OF THIS GUY HE IS A SCAMMER his address is 1730 e ave. h12 Lancaster, CA (9) or (7) 3535 That is the address on the box and the name on his paypal account (because i sent him payment) is BARBARA BOWDEN You can search that name on the net and find the address as well. The paypal address is barbiex21876@hotmail.com
  12. nitro_freak1

    DELL inspiron 1520 FS

    OK i want to sell this or trade it. I bought it 4 months ago for 1200, but need cash right now. Its only for sale or trade for this week. Price is $600 OBO or will trade for a running car (something small) If you want pics i will pm them to you. There is nothing wrong with it. It is like BRAND NEW. very minimal use since i have a desktop. you can PM me, email me @ kevinjharris08@gmail.com or call me after 5pm @ 321 460 8447
  13. nitro_freak1


    has anyone on here ordered from them???? if so how was it? there stuff is uber cheap and wanna know some feedback before i purchase from them. thanks in advance. http://cardiscountstereos.com/ thats the site....
  14. ok guys i need some mounting rings. i need 2x rings for my rsd 6.5's 4x rings for my alfa 12's alfas mounting is 11in's and overall of 12.26 lmk if anyone has them or can make them and how much. If its too much im gonna just break down and buy a new bit for the router and slap the jasper jig on it and go. thanks.
  15. Here is a set of 4 wheels and tires. They are uni 5 lug ( 5x100 and 5x114.3) They have a polished and clear coated lip and bronze spokes. Im lookin for another set of wheels that are 5x114.3 or cash. This is local pick up only Tires have about 80% tread left. they are 225 40 18 . One wheels has MINOR rash very very minor. Im located in ORLANDO FL PRICE $550.00 picked up PICS