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  1. ribeiro953

    Who wants a 16gb iPhone 4?

    trade for a BNIB t1500-1bd?
  2. ribeiro953

    Wtb: Rf t1500-1bd

    bump... anyone?
  3. As the title says im looking to buy a RF T1500-1bd PM me with a price and pictures. thanks
  4. ribeiro953

    DC Sound Lab woofers

    American pricing and im a Legitimate dealer check their website.
  5. ribeiro953

    DC Sound Lab woofers

    Hey Everyone, Im having a sale on DC sound lab woofers. check them out at Broken Silence, Ontario's #1 Choice for Car Audio, Video and Navigation -Jeff
  6. ribeiro953

    Gold Leaf Consultants

    Hey guys, After a long period of not contributing to this forum I’m back. Here is why I have been gone for so long: I’ve owned my own company since I was 16 and opened up a second company when I was 18 with the first company thriving and the second company SOLD I am now trying to help others become successful. My business partner and I have started a Small Business consulting Firm and Environment Consulting Firm. We write Feasibility Studies and business plans as well as provide consulting on how to green your business. Our business plans have gotten past clients funding of up to $30,000 from organizations such as the CYBF and EDC. If interested in expanding your business or starting a new one Gold Leaf Consultants is here to help you. Please visit our Website and leave us feedback at Info@goldleafconsultants.com and I will be choosing one response to receive free services and this offer is only available for CA and SMD. Website: Gold Leaf Consultants: Toronto: Canada: Environmental and Small Business Consultants Thank you hopefully I didn’t break any rules here, I just wanted to reintroduce myself and see if anyone was in need of some help. Regards, Jeffrey Ribeiro
  7. ribeiro953

    capacitor rumors

    fyi you need a flux capacitor heres where you can get it: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/collectibles/9fc6/
  8. ribeiro953

    Wtb Nintendo Ds Lite

    lol keep dreaming
  9. ribeiro953

    13.3 Macbook Aluminum NIB

    need your paypal will send money once i recieve it
  10. ribeiro953

    13.3 Macbook Aluminum NIB

    hey i want this you have pm send me your paypal link
  11. bought this for my GF to make a custom necklace and i havent got around to it and the hours being cut back at work are killing me need it gone
  12. Shape: Round Color: F Carat: 0.34 Clarity: SI1 Cut Grade: Good Certificate: GIA Measurements (mm): 4.33 - 4.37 x 2.88 Depth (%): 66.2 Table (%): 57 Polish: Very Good Symmetry: Very Good Culet: None Fluorescence: Faint Laser Inscription: Yes Authentic GIA certificate is INCLUDED. A GIA LASER INSCRIPTION ON THE DIAMOND INSURES YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAID FOR!! PRICE: 500$ OBO
  13. ill give you 250 shipped
  14. ribeiro953

    F/S: All my paintball equipment

    110 for everything except the airtanks ?